Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well it’s come and gone. Wrestlemania week is sort of like a tornado, it makes noise, it may damage some property and when it goes everyone is left wondering exactly what happened and what they saw.

FWIW I enjoyed most of the show, the first two hours were phenomenal and if you combine that with the three overs of Takeover New Orleans it was a five-hour stretch of amazing wrestling. The second half of Wrestlemania was not as good but the booking left us talking so mission accomplished and the blog did good traffic numbers so everyone wins!

Best five matches I saw this weekend

1) Gargano-Ciampa
2) Charlotte-Asuka
3) N.A Title Ladder match
4) I-C Title three-way
5) Black-Almas

The mixed tag match and Dusty Rhodes triple threat just missed the cut.

Tonight is the RAW after Wrestlemania, which I used to love and now I hate because it seems to have went from being cute, silly fun to hijacked by assholes who like to say “fuck” on live TV. Good for them I suppose.

NHL is off until playoffs begin Wednesday. NBA is in the final week of the regular season. Andre the Giant documentary debuts tomorrow!

Keep it clean!