Does Vince secretly hate Roman?

Lets look at Roman's last couple of months

-Pinned clean TWICE by the Miz and Seth.

– Flukes a win over Braun at the Chamber. braun beats the shit out of him afterwards. Roman doesn't get his revenge for that

– Talks shit at Brock. Brock beats him up every time they meet in the run up, including the go home show.

– Loses clean to Brock in the main event of wrestlemania after months of hype and 'It's Roman's coronation'.

If Vince LIKES Roman, how does he treat people he doesn't like.?

​Yup, this whole booking run of Reigns makes absolutely no sense in hindsight.  Even moreso than usual for them.  You could justify it all in advance by saying “They had to keep him strong because he's getting the title at WM” or “They could have him do a job to X because he's getting the title and it makes a new challenger” but looking back now, it all does not compute at all.  ​