BRAUN Theory and Announce Team

Hi Scott,

So there's a lot of rumors about who Braun's mystery partner will be. There have been a few picks would make it a hoss monster tag team (I've heard NXT call ups like Killian Dain or Freebirding with the Authors of Pain), a few would make it a gag (like Hawkins or a returning Ellsworth), but I think the best thing they could do would be to get Braun majorly over as a Babyface by pulling a stunt that WWE could market for months or even years: Make-A-Wish kid. They could parade something like that around for decades. Michael Cole can call it a WrestleMania moment 37 times in one breath, Cornette has thirty aneurysms, and everyone in the crowd gets to enjoy a huge pop. Then Steph can come on Raw and strip the kid of the title so she can even emasculate sick children.

The only losers in that situation are The Bar who look like geeks, but there's no way they were avoiding that in this match, anyway, and Cesaro and Sheamus seem like they would go for it.

Also, who do you wish was announcing this Mania from WWE's stable of announcers instead of the Cole/Graves/JBL/Saxton/Coach 5-man team that we'll probably get?

​I feel like we NEED to make this Braun idea happen, because then I can finally live out my dream of Brock Lesnar giving an F5 to the Make-A-Wish kid on the way out of the company.  I feel like that would finally get people to cheer Roman Reigns.
As for the announcers, my dream team is still Mauro & Nigel, which is probably why I enjoy NXT Takeovers so much.​