Roman/Brock Fantasy Booking

Rumors of Heyman turning on Brock sunday have picked up decent steam over the past week so hows this for a Mania ending. Brock hits Reigns with a second F5. Pins him. Before the count of 3. Heyman pulls out the ref. Brock goes out to chase him and he gets in the ring. As Brock corners Heyman, a girl with a ski mask comes out of the crowd and low blows Brock. As he turns around selling the ballshot, boom spear from Reigns. 1, 2, 3, new champ. As all 3 embrace. The girl pulls off her mask to reveal Ronda Rousey. You can then feed Roman Balor, Rollins and even go back to Strowman then eventually Styles and Orton when they come over from Raw. Then Heyman can talk about how Reigns sent Brock back to UFC for the next year and a half before Reigns big face turn. Thoughts?

​As much as Roman turning heel and being managed by Heyman would be awesome and make sense and solve all their depth problems on the RAW side, I just don't see them abandoning Roman's big babyface coronation after FOUR YEARS of trying to make it happen.  ​