If they had run a nearly identitical build to Hogan/Andre at Wrestlemania 2 would it still be as iconic?  Andre would have had a year less of deterioration, but, does a disjointed 3 city card provide the same long term images of the Silverdome?
Also, which was superior in early 1987:  Steamboat vs. Savage or Flair vs. Blackjack Mulligan Jr?

​There's no way you hold Hogan-Andre in anything but a domed show supercard.  The original plan for the match was Shea Stadium way back in 1984.
And you have to go with Flair-Windham.  Still literally some of the greatest matches of Flair's career.  Steamboat-Savage isn't for everyone, but watching Windham and Flair do a state-of-the-art 45 minute match at 50 miles an hour still feels fresh today.  Seriously, look it up on the Network, the full match is on there and it's AWESOME.  ​