Interesting Timing

So 3 days away from WrestleMania, Dana White announces Brock is definitely returning to the UFC. Do you think Vince/Trips asked a huge favor of Dana here? Just interesting considering this storyline has been that Brock just cares about money, doesn't give a shit about the fans. This seems like clearly a way to get more people to boo Brock out of the building on Sunday.

Also, regarding Daniel Bryan, so brains have the ability to completely repair themselves in 2 years?

​I'm not a doctor, but he's found enough of them that apparently think that yes, they do.
As for Dana, why would he want to play ball with WWE?  They're actively trying to negotiate for the same deal with FOX.  If anything, he'd want them significantly weaker, especially with Ronda defecting to the competition, so to speak.  I think it's just what it appears at face value:  Brock is going back to fighting and he's dropping the title to Roman and leaving.​