Bryan at mania

Hey Scott,

So now with Daniel Bryan returning to the ring at Wrestlemania, it becomes one of the most anticipated matches on the show. We’re definitely getting a Shane heel turn with Bryan eating the pin, aren’t we?

​The logical payoff based on the stips is for Zayn & Owens to win so they're un-fired and everything can return to status quo, but they can also lose and go to RAW in a draft.  That being said, Shane screwing over Bryan to set up a few months of Bryan v. Owens and Bryan v. Zayn to fill PPV time…not the worst idea.  However, it's Wrestlemania in New Orleans and Bryan's first match back…he's GOTTA be winning so they can have their Wrestlemania Moment ™.  
Or Bryan could turn on Shane because they're colossal morons.  Stranger things have occurred, lord knows.  ​