Disappointed in WM


Hey Scott,


Long-time reader, first-time emailer. Great site. Your Sporting News lists are fantastic.


I’m curious: what’s the one WrestleMania match you’ve looked forward to that has let you down tremendously?


I personally feel this way about Punk vs. Jericho at WM28, but I wasn’t a fan of that build, either. I feel like most matches that I feel should deliver usually do, with few exceptions.


Also, are there any really good wrestling Twitter accounts anyone should follow? Like, Sporting News Wrestling Twitter accounts?



 My gosh, what an extraordinarily handsome question!  The sort of thing one might find addressed if they follow Sporting News on Twitter at @SN_Wrestling, I’d bet!

For me, Daniel Bryan v Sheamus in the infamous 18 second match was the biggest offender.  They had an epic match in them and we got that wet fart of an angle instead.  Worked out fine for Daniel, but still.

Also, Brock vs Ambrose, which should have been a crazy 90s style brawl and then died when Brock wouldn’t play ball, and killed off Dean as a result.