Bret Hart in WCW

What were the plans for Bret Hart in WCW prior to Montreal?  Was he always going to be brought in as a face or would he have been a heel like he was in the WWF?  If not for Montreal, would he still have been the ref at
Starrcade for Bischoff-Zbyszko?  Did he have any discussions about creative with WCW before signing, or just took the money?

Also do you think they do the whole Sting-Hogan Fast Count angle if the Screwjob at Survivor Series doesn't happen?

​Trying to attribute a “plan” to anything that happened in WCW during that time is madness.  I'm sure Bischoff's thinking was:
1)  Sign Bret Hart.
2)  ???
3)  Profit!
And it never went beyond that.