Question about great booking angles

Scott, love the website.

Unusual question for you. Can you think of an old school booking angle that was well crafted and totally took you of guard.

Kind of like the surprise of the Chuck and Billy Bischoff reveal, but you know, good?

Many people here like to talk about the awful angles. Yet, I feel that the best wrestling angles are the ones you never see coming.

Basically, I’m talking about a plot twist booking angle. Angles that were just masterfully done and were kind of hiding in plain sight. Lord knows I could use something good that you suggest after watching today’s product. Looking forward to what you come up with.

​Bill Watts used to do it all the time in Mid-South.  Stuff like Wrestling II turning on Magnum TA because he was becoming jealous of the way that the student was eclipsing him.  Totally shocking turn but it made sense in retrospect and all the clues were there.  I'd also nominate Randy Savage showing up in Memphis to challenge Jerry Lawler after months of running outlaw against him, but that was more a case of real life creating an angle that the bookers ran with.  ​