A possible way to have Cena/Undertaker close WM while letting Reigns have his moment and sending Brock off to wherever

Hi Scott,

Was wondering what you thought of this scenario, and whether fans would be receptive to it:

Roman/Brock goes on last, with maybe some Cena appearances throughout calling out Taker, continuing his campaign unsuccessfully. Roman defeats Brock for the Universal title, gets to celebrate with fanfare etc etc, and then leaves up the ramp while Brock is still in the ring wondering what just happened while Heyman tries to keep him calm.

Lights go out, The Gong hits, and a video package plays on the screens showing Brock defeating Taker at WM XXX.  Lights come on, Taker is in the ring, he attacks Brock to a thunderous ovation, lays him out and sends him on his way.

Cena's music immediately hits, he runs down and gets in Taker's face and audibly challenges him one last time.  After a moment of hesitation and Cena talking trash to Taker's face just to pump up the crowd even more, finally Taker does the thumb to the throat/bug-eyed tongue-out deal, and the ref from the Universal title match (who's been at ringside the entire time still) gets in the ring, calls for the bell, and then Taker/Cena closes the show.

I think this would keep the crowd incredibly hot, and pay off in a spectacular way all the weeks of Cena baiting Undertaker, right down to the last minute where it seems like nothing was going to come of it.  How they book the match, I have no clue, but I think this would be a great way to pay off the angle.

What do you think?

​I think your subject line is longer than that Fiona Apple album title, but that's beside the point.
I have no idea what they're doing with the Cena-UT thing at this point, but that idea is probably as good as anything.  I'm pretty sure that Roman-Brock is killing off the crowd, though.​