The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–01.23.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 01.23.82

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Bill Watts. Boyd, I should point out, has a silver sparkly jacket and matching tie. That’s AMAZING.

Brian Blair v. Tom Renesto

Jesus, is Brian going to open EVERY show against jobbers? Blair works the arm and gets a sunset flip for two, then a rollup out of the corner for two. Renesto sends him into the corner on the kickout and gets some brief offense, but Blair gets all fired up and comes off the middle rope with an elbow, then finishes with the abdominal stretch rollup for the pin at 3:20. Usual Blair squash. 0 for 1.

Meanwhile, Iron Sheik beats Carlos Zapata recently, and he decides to stage a sitdown strike because he wants better competition. Cowboy Bill goes on a whole rant about the hostage situation on commentary and Akbar is throwing down the gauntlet to Junkyard Dog. So shortly into the “strike”, JYD comes out to accept and beats the hell out of Sheik and we have an impromptu match. Dog hits the Thump and gets rid of Akbar, and that’s enough to pin the Sheik after a couple of fun minutes. Bill is like “How DARE the Sheik wave his Iranian flag here in the land of the free?”

Skandor Akbar is out to announce that Ayatollah Khomeni has recalled Iron Sheik to Iran, so he’s not here for the rematch. According to, he was in Florida by the time this show aired and never returned.

The Wild Samoans v. Jesse Barr & Tommy Wright

Wright quickly gets beat up in the samoan corner and double-teamed with a variety of simple stuff, but Jesse Barr gets the hot jobber tag and manages to dodge Afa for a bit. Then he tags Wright back in like an idiot and Afa headbutts him down for tw. Sika continues torturing him with another headbutt, before Afa finishes with the samoan drop at 2:38. Always an energetic squash from the Samoans. 1 for 2.

Mike George v. Carlos Zapata

George works a headlock and overpowers Zapata with slams, and a side legsweep finishes at 2:16. Nothing to this one. 1 for 3.

Mississippi Heavyweight title: Bob Orton Jr. v. Mr. Olympia

Olympia comes in with hiptosses to start and grabs a headscissors on the mat, and they do a nice little battle off that. Bob actually powers him up into an airplane spin to escape, but he gets the worst of that and Olympia takes him right back to the mat with the headscissors again. Finally Orton makes the ropes, but Olympia keeps coming with dropkicks and a monkey flip out of the corner. Orton tries to escape and Olympia drags him back in and gets two, which Cowboy heartily approves of. Small package gets two. Orton blasts him with a forearm out of the corner to take over and hits a sling blade for two, but Olympia escapes the piledriver and reverses into the sleeper…and Orton is out at 6:00 and Olympia wins the title! That was shocking for a random title match on TV. Great little TV match, too. 2 for 4.

Paul Orndorff & Bob Roop v. Ted Dibiase & Dick Murdoch

Dibiase of course goes after Roop to start, but Orndorff comes in all fists and fury and slugs away on Ted in the corner. Dibiase catches him with a powerslam and gets the figure-four, but Orndorff gets the dreaded reversal, and Bill has confidence because “You can’t make a man from Texas give!” Murdoch comes in as this breaks down already, and Orton runs in with a piledriver on Dibiase, just SPIKING him on the mat with it, but Murdoch hits Orton with the brainbuster and pins him in the chaos at 4:00. All action here, a crazy fun tag team match. 3 for 5.

Ed Wiskowski v. Terry Daniels

Daniels would eventually become one of Sgt. Slaughter’s flunkies, but he was nothing here. He gets a quick rollup on Ed for two, but a slam turns the tide and Wiscowski takes him down with a facelock on the mat, then hits a falling knee to the back off the middle rope and pins him at 2:11. 3 for 6.

Billy Ash v. Frank Monte

No idea who the star is supposed to be here. Monte usually gets the shine in jobber matches, so I guess it’s him? Monte works the arm and they trade generic stuff with nothing going on, and TV time expires at 4:00. Literally just time-filler. 3 for 7.

Lots of fluff this week, but that Mississippi title match and then tag match in the middle of the show is MONEY.