Starrcade 88

I’m just wondering about the origin of the story of Dusty wanting to book Rick Steiner over Flair in a five-minute squash at Starrcade 88. Was Dusty the booker for the show? 
I ask because he had already been fired from the head booker job weeks earlier. I’ve looked through the Observer flashbacks from the weeks before & after, and don’t see Dave mentioning
It actually went down weeks before the show, during the period when Dusty was still booker and TBS was trying to finalize the deal to buy WCW.  Dusty came up with the card to try and force Flair to quit and go to Titan, but (irony!) Jim Herd backed Flair and the TBS brass refused to buy the company without Flair as top guy.  It was around September I wanna say