Dino Bravo…not the worst?

Hey Scott

Dino Bravo sucked. No argument here. However, I've always hated ECW. The reason is three of the their big "stars" were Sabu, New Jack & The Sandman. All these three idiots ever did was fall off things and smash items over their opponents heads. Bravo was lame and boring but at least he tried to wrestle. Can you please tell me just ONE good match these three morons ever had. I think I would rather watch a 60-minute Iron Man match between Dino Bravo vs Vladimir Petrov.

Say what you will about New Jack, but I dropped many pesos on Sabu tapes in the early 90s and I will personally slap anyone who says he hasn't had a good match. I can name 16 against Al Snow and Sean Waltman off the top of my head.  
For Sandman, the ladder match with Mikey was pretty good.