Biker Taker fascination

What is wrong with these people? Was this their first introduction to the Undertaker? I did not like leopard print wearing , tobacco spitting, WTF is booger red?, big dawg, this is my yard,  I am the big dawg who shits in this yard, come here and give me 10 corner punches so I can last ride you even though you never do that move in any other match, Butterface Sara, Kevin Nash tribute with the powerbomb/snake eyes/big boot, hell the best part of that gimmick was the buxom brunette he was supposedly having an affair with. I know I can't be the only one who hated that incarnation. What version do you want? I want 90-94 before he died the 1st time.

​I dunno, it's just a costume and he only works once a year.  If he wants to go back to riding a motorcycle and wearing a bandana, go nuts.​