WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event – April 27th, 1991

April 27, 1991

From the Omaha Civic Auditorium in Omaha, NE

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Randy Savage

Tonight, we have a Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter, 20 man battle royal, and Nasty Boys vs. The Bushwhackers


Sgt. Slaughter w/ Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa vs. Ultimate Warrior

During the pre-match interviews, Okerlund asked Warrior about being locked inside of the casket on the “Funeral Parlor” and how will it effect him tonight. Warrior tells Slaughter he was born in the darkness he fears and no one will prevent him from reaching his destiny. Warrior tosses Slaughter off of the top rope and follows with a clothesline. Slaughter bumps around for Warrior and gets knocked outside where Warrior hammers away. Back inside, Slaughter cheap shots Warrior before tossing him outside. Mustafa slams Warrior’s head off of the ring apron then Slaughter rams him into the post. Warrior fights back inside of the ring but Slaughter rakes his eyes and follows with a slam. Slaughter now uses a bearhug but Warrior escapes and hits a slam. Warrior then drops and clutches his back as Slaughter goes on the attack. Slaughter uses another bearhug as Vince goes on about Warrior needing some momentum. We now see Paul Bearer wheel down the casket that Warrior was locked inside of two weeks ago as Warrior fights away. Warrior then stares at the casket but gets clotheslined from behind by Slaughter, who heads out and stomps away as we head to break. The match returns with the action back inside of the ring. The crowd gets behind Warrior as Savage tells us this is not the Warrior of old. Warrior then pumps up and fights back but the casket opens as The Undertaker sits up then stares at Warrior, who stops in his tracks. Warrior appears scared then is attacked from behind as Adnan & Mustafa join in for the DQ (8:00) *1/2. Undertaker comes in but Hulk Hogan runs out for the save. Hogan hits Undertaker with his belt but Taker does not budge. Hogan chases away Slaughter and his cronies as Warrior and Undertaker are in the ring. Warrior’s clotheslines have zero effect then Undertaker lands on his feet after getting knocked outside and after that several officials run out to separate both men.

Thoughts: This finish was dumb but I get they wanted to protect both guys. However, a lot of people really seemed to hate this match and I really did not have a problem with it as the action was constant. The Undertaker also came out of this looking really strong too and it made for a first great impression in front of a National audience.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: The Nasty Boys (c) w/ Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers

Luke and Knobbs start things off. The match breaks down soon afterwards with The Bushwhackers clearing the ring and marching around while the fans go nuts. Sags attacks Butch from behind and hammers away. The match breaks down once again with The Bushwhackers clearing the ring by using battering rams. Sags kicks Luke in the back of the head then stomps away. The Nasty Boys cut off the ring until Butch tags in and runs wild. Sags breaks up a pin attempt then the Nasty Boys run interference. Butch almost gets the win as Luke pushed him on top of Knobbs but after that Knobbs rolls up Luke as Sags put his foot on his partner for leverage I guess and that gets the win (6:48) 1/2*. After the match, The Bushwhackers clear the ring and march around.

Thoughts: I didn’t think this was that bad until the end, where it became a mess. The Bushwhackers could afford a loss so I guess that’s why they had them in this spot to get over the Nasty Boys.


Okerlund is backstage with Bearer, who says death is cold and the Ultimate Warrior will be the Undertaker’s biggest prize. Undertaker then tells us its a cold, cruel world and will not stop until Warrior rests in peace.


Okerlund is with Earthquake & Jimmy Hart. Earthquake says he hates snakes and pets in general and is not sorry for squashing Damien. After that Jake is with Savage. Jake says Earthquake has no idea how he feels inside. Okerlund is then with Hogan as The Hulkster says no matter what happens he will get through “combat” and is ready to play by Slaughter’s Rules.


20 Man Battle Royal: Mr. Perfect, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Barbarian, Big Bossman, Earthquake, Jake Roberts, Greg Valentine, Tugboat, Texas Tornado, Warlord, British Bulldog, Haku, Jimmy Snuka, The Rockers, Power & Glory, Orient Express, and Hulk Hogan

Everyone brawls to start after Hogan starts things off. Jannetty takes Roma out with a headscissors after skinning-the-cat but Roma pulls him out afterwards as they are both eliminated. We get a few near eliminations but nothing of note happened. Warlord tosses Bulldog over the top rope then Haku eliminates Tanaka and Snuka as the ring starts to clear out. Earthquake takes Jake out from behind and eliminates him then talks trash. Jake then takes Lucifer out of the bag and slides him inside. Jake takes him back then we head to break. The match returns with Tugboat attacking Hogan, resulting in a shoving match. They now slug it out until Warlord breaks that up and beats on Hogan. However, Hogan tosses Warlord over the top rope. Barbarian eliminates Tornado but Earthquake tosses him outside. Hogan tosses Earthquake onto the apron and kicks him off for the elimination. Hogan slams Kato outside but Tugboat sneaks up from behind to get rid of Hogan. Shawn tosses Tugboat then Bossman eliminates Hercules as we see Heenan whisper something into Perfect’s ear. Perfect dropkicks Bossman, who ends up getting back dropped by Barbarian and eliminated. Haku holds up Shawn for Perfect but Shawn ducks the attack. Shawn dropkicks Haku for the elimination as we are down to Perfect,Valentine, Barbarian, and Shawn. Perfect hangs on as Valentine almost eliminated him then mixes it up with Shawn. Perfect sends Shawn up-and-over in the corner then finally knocks him off of the apron. Valentine fights of Barbarian & Perfect and tries to get rid of Barbarian but Perfect makes the save. Perfect accidentally dropkicks Barbarian then Valentine tosses Barbarian out. Perfect and Valentine trade chops in the corner. Perfect then bumps around like crazy for Valentine as the crowd is behind The Hammer. Valentine picks up Perfect and almost tosses him out then tries it again but Perfect hangs on to the ropes and pulls them down as Valentine hits the floor and Perfect is the winner (12:30) **1/2.

Thoughts: Strong for a battle royal. Shawn and Perfect stood out the most. Its quite obvious now that the company is portraying Shawn as the star of The Rockers. He is the focal point of the team. Valentine as the runner up was unexpected but it did lead to some Intercontinental Title matches at house shows and one match that aired on the 5/14 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.” Also, the Tugboat/Hogan stuff seemed like it would lead to an eventual feud but Hogan did toss Tugboat from the Rumble so Tugboat was more than justified in being out for himself. Also, Tugboat was nowhere near over enough for a Hogan feud even if he did turn on him.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Sensational Sherri

Roddy Piper has joined on commentary. DiBiase knees Bret after a break then hammers away in the corner. Bret reverses an Irish whip then starts to run wild. He clotheslines DiBiase outside then flies out with a pescado and hammers away. Bret backs Sherri off then heads inside where he works a side headlock on the mat. Sherri trips up Bret and gets pulled onto the apron. DiBiase tries a high knee but Bret ducks and Sherri goes flying as Bret uses a reverse rollup for two. DiBiase catches Bret with a hot shot after an Irish whip sequence then takes a breather before hitting a piledriver. Bret floats over on a slam attempt but is shot through the ropes then DiBiase heads out to hammer away. Sherri slaps Bret around and chokes him out behind the ref’s back as DiBiase stays in control. DiBiase tries a sleeper but Bret runs him into the turnbuckle as both men are down. Piper is cheerleading for Bret, who catches DiBiase with a punch. Bret runs wild and almost puts DiBiase away after a flurry of moves. The crowd is into Bret as he gets tripped by Sherri again. Bret then ducks out and backs her off as Piper wants him to go back into the ring. DiBiase attacks Bret from behind but Piper heads to the ring and chases away Sherri. Piper then heads underneath the ring and grabs a broom. Sherri runs to him swinging but Piper whacks her on the ass with the broom then chases her back while riding it like he’s a witch. DiBiase heads out and Bret follows and they fight in the aisle, resulting in a double count out (9:56) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good action. It amplified the DiBiase/Piper feud and gave Bret some shine as a singles wrestler while protecting him by not losing, even if the finish itself was lame.


Tito Santana vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart

This is a rematch from WrestleMania VII. Mountie yells in Tito’s face and gets decked. Tito then hits a pair of dropkicks as Mountie rolls outside. Tito attempts a double noggin knocker but that fails then he rolls Mountie back inside. Tito lands some kicks and punches in the corner but has his monkey flip attempt blocked. Mountie takes control until Tito got his knees up on a splash attempt. Tito hits the flying forearm but Hart runs into the ring and trips but it provides enough of a distraction. Tito decks Hart but Mountie takes the cattle prod and shocks Tito in the throat behind the ref’s back for the win (4:29) *1/2.

Thoughts: Much better than their extremely brief encounter at WrestleMania. With Mountie getting a push they wanted to give him a win on National TV while showcasing the cattle prod gimmick.


Slaughter is with Okerlund and promises we will see the burial of Hogan as he recalls throwing a fireball into his face. Slaughter also promises to win their war. Next, Piper and Hogan are backstage. Hogan talks about his Hulkamaniacs and how they will defeat Slaughter.


Final Thoughts: As a show, it was solid. They got over the Undertaker and had a good singles match in DiBiase vs. Bret while having a battle royal that exceeded expectations. However, this ended up being the last SNME on NBC until 2006 as the ratings were in a decline. It was also rumored that NBC wanted the WWF to make changes to the original card and that Slaughter/Warrior was not originally part of this show. Anyway, this was a good show and a breeze to watch.


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