Evolution vs. Orton

Hey Scott,

I just watched the RAW after Randy Orton first won the World title at SummerSlam 2004 where Evolution turned on him and that was a great fucking angle, especially because Orton, even at 24 years old, and HHH were fantastic at the subtle things happening in the moment (Orton silently mouthing "fuck" when he realized what was happening was a nice touch). What was the main reason that it didn't get over very well? I know Batista was the guy that the audience really wanted to see take out HHH, but the movement behind Dave hadn't really started at that point and didn't really heat up until around the Elimination Chamber match at New Year's Revolution. Did they just hotshot the angle too quickly? Or was it because Orton hadn't yet become as good of a babyface as he eventually became? On its own that angle is awesome, so it's a shame that the feud which followed was such a disappointment.

Two reasons:
1.  Orton got over organically as a dick and people didn't want to cheer him as a smiling babyface.  The cake angle and all their lame ideas to get him over didn't help, either.  
2.  People wanted Orton to turn on HHH, not get drummed out of the group like a loser.  If Orton had been the one to take the initiative and turn on HHH first, it would have worked.