Mid-South Wrestling – July 14th, 1983

July 14 ,1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, Steve Williams makes his return. Matches include Jim Duggan & Magnum TA vs. Boris Zurkhov & Rip Rogers, Johnny Rich vs. Ted DiBiase, and George Weingeroff vs. Butch Reed


Arn Anderson & Big Boy Williams vs. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams & Joe Stark

Williams was in the USFL for the New Jersey Generals. Arn and Stark start things off. Arn takes control then tags out as Big Boy works over the back. Watts talks more about Dr. Death as Arn & Big Boycut off the ring. Stark finally escapes and tags out as Dr. Death runs wild then puts Big Boy away with the Oklahoma Stampede (2:42).

Thoughts: Just a match designed to have Williams look strong. And he did look impressive here and less tentative than his past run.


We see a clip of Kamala in World Class destroying two guys in a handicap match. They are building him up for his return.


King Kong Bundy vs. Art Crews

Crews lands a few shots but gets knocked down. Bundy hammers away as Watts talks about Dr. Death’s Oklahoma Stampede being similar to the Atlantic City Avalanche. Bundy stays in control and hits an avalanche in the corner then uses the Atlantic City Avalanche for the win (1:57).

Thoughts: We have now seen the same moves from Bundy and Williams that Watts has hyped for weeks. Expect a feud to follow.


Boris Zurkhov & Rip Rogers vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Magnum TA

Rogers slaps Duggan before the bell and gets destroyed. Duggan tosses Rogers and stomps the canvas as the crowd cheers. Zurkhov is in and traps Magnum in the corner. Rogers tags and gets scared of Duggan and walks into a dropkick courtesy of Magnum. Duggan now beats on Zurkhov then does the same to Rogers. Zurkhov nails Magnum with a knee from the apron but Magnum takes Rogers over with a sunset flip before tagging out. Duggan destroys Rogers then puts him away with a spear (3:56) *1/2.

Thoughts: Duggan remains the most popular guy on TV over the past several weeks. And Magnum is also getting over in his role. Rogers was entertaining as a heel while Zurkhov is being shunted down the card.


Ted DiBiase is in the ring for his match. Rich comes out with his hand bandaged and said it was injured in a previous match and is not medically cleared. Rich said he has a substitute as DiBiase calls him a coward then we see Duggan come to the ring. I liked this segment as it gave DiBiase some comeuppance after lying about an injury to weasel out of matches.


Ted DiBiase vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

These two slug it out as Duggan wins that battle. DiBiase hits a back elbow smash but misses an elbow drop as Duggan fires away and knocks DiBiase through the ropes. Duggan tosses DiBiase inside but gets knocked down as DiBiase punches away in the corner. DiBiase avoids a charge in the corner and heads up top but Duggan slams him off. Duggan lands mounted punches then the crowd makes a commotion as King Kong Bundy runs in and tosses the referee for the DQ (3:03) *1/2. Bundy has his arm bandaged and hammers away. Stark and Rich run in but get tossed. Magnum TA comes in to protect Duggan then the Junkyard Dog runs off DiBiase & Bundy.

Thoughts: Unsurprisingly, this ended quickly after a few-run in attacks. They have now established Bundy as DiBiase’s partner going forward as they’ll be up again against JYD & Duggan. And since Magnum was not disposed of quickly he is in line for a push himself. The brawling was good.


Hacksaw Butch Reed vs. George Weingeroff

Weingeroff takes Reed over then hits a pair of dropkicks as Reed bails. Reed returns and takes over before tossing Weingeroff outside. Reed stays in control as Watts now talks about other wrestlers in the promotion. Reed chokes out Weingeroff on the mat then hits a suplex and drops a knee for a two count. Weingeroff fights back and gets a nearfall with a reverse rollup but Reed gets his knees up on a splash. Reed then softens up Weingeroff before hitting a press backbreaker. Reed taunts the crowd before getting the win with a flying shoulder tackle (8:52).

Thoughts: This was far too long for a one-sided TV match. Reed got some heel heat here but it wore off as the match continued.


Doug Vines vs. Tim Horner

Horner hits a pair of arm drags and follows with a dropkick as Vines bails. Horner works the arm but Vines fights back and hammers away. Vines now works the arm but Horner trips him up. We have a struggle on the mat then Vines gets two with a back drop. Horner then leap frogs over Vines and comes back with a Thesz Press for the win (4:04).

Thoughts: Nice showcase for Horner, who continues to impress inside of the ring. Horner was a great enhancement talent and handy guy to have in the lower midcard.


Tony Zane vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling immediately takes Zane over with a hip toss. Mr. Wrestling then fires away before using a front facelock. Watts then tells us next week’s main event will be Kamala vs. Duggan as Watts wants us to tell our friends about this match. Mr. Wrestling stays in control and puts Zane away with the power knee lift just before the show goes off the air (2:27).

Thoughts: An easy win for Mr. Wrestling who continues to lose steam as a babyface. I feel he was greatly overpushed in this era and it turned fans off.


Final Thoughts: The DiBiase/Duggan segment was fun but the rest of this card was forgettable besides Steve Williams making his return. Mid-South has some good things going at the top of the card but the midcard is really not that strong at all, something that will continue for at least a little while.


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