WWF Superstars of Wrestling – April 27th, 1991

April 27, 1991

From the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Randy Savage

This week, our featured match is Earthquake vs. Jake Roberts. Plus, Roddy Piper as guest on the “Funeral Parlor.” Also in action are The Undertaker, Big Bossman, Mr. Perfect, and The Rockers.


Big Bossman vs. Pez Whatley

Whatley attacks from behind but gets whipped into the corner and nearly put away with a rollup. We hear from The Mountie & Jimmy Hart in an insert promo as Mountie says he will show Bossman how he treats local cops because he is International law enforcement. Bossman beats on Whatley then puts him away with a sidewalk slam (1:27).

Thoughts: Quick win for the Bossman as his feud with The Mountie heats up.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on Andre the Giant. We are shown a clip of Sensational Sherri approaching Andre at a bar asking to be his manager and he can have anything he wants. Andre then smiles and bends Sherri over the bar and spanks her a few times. Sherri runs out and Andre laughs. So I guess since Andre ditched Heenan other managers think they have a shot at wooing him. It was like the company thought there was doubt as to whether or not Andre was still a heel after what happened at WrestleMania VI. And having him spank Sherri over the bar was certainly something and quite risque for a syndicated show and honestly, never needed to take place.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Larry Ludden

The announcers once again talk about the Ultimate Warrior’s psyche being damaged after getting locked inside of a coffin. We then hear from Bearer & Undertaker in an insert promo as they recall what happened to Warrior. Undertaker beats on Ludden before putting him away with the Tombstone (1:35). After the match, The Undertaker stuffs Ludden inside of a bodybag that Bearer puts out on the mat. Undertaker then stomps Ludden before leaving.

Thoughts: They are going on the premise that we will not know whether or not Warrior will be capable of facing Undertaker until they get in the ring because of psychological damage caused from being locked inside of the casket.


The Genius vs. Hacskaw Jim Duggan

Before the match, Genius tells us he will straighten out Duggan’s eyes by whacking him with the 2×4. Vince talks about Hogan being ready to face Slaughter again after getting hit with a fireball then says Warrior will face Sgt. Slaughter this weekend (Saturday Night’s Main Event). Col. Mustafa is shown in an insert promo saying Duggan has to get through him before facing Duggan but does not believe that will happen. Duggan slams Genius then puts him away with a Three Point Stance (1:07).

Thoughts: Mustafa’s wonderful promo would lead you to believe that Duggan will go through him then feud with Slaughter after the Hogan/Slaughter program ends.


We get an ad for the “Hot Ticket” PPV this month which is the “WrestleMania History & Heroes” event. They really plugged this as often as possible.


Mr. Perfect w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Randy Taylor

Piper leaves to get ready for his appearance on the Funeral Parlor as Perfect beats on Taylor. We hear from the British Bulldog with Winston in an insert promo as Bulldog tells Vince that Winston says he has a perfect chance of becoming the Intercontinental Champion. Heenan is shown shining the IC title as Perfect gets the win with a Perfect Plex (1:25).

Thoughts: More hype for the Perfect/Bulldog feud with an extremely corny insert promo to boot.


Berry De Mey shows us his “perfect” calves and says that is what it takes to win the WBF Championship. Good for him.


Funeral Parlor with guest Roddy Piper. Bearer says that Piper has more guts than brains. Piper tells Bearer some sunshine would do him good before humming the “Addams Family” theme. Bearer tells Piper that DiBiase called him the “Bo Jackson” of the WWF. Piper then talks about how he never grew up with money then brings up Sherri. He then asks how can he defend himself from a witch and wants Bearer to hit him from behind. However, Virgil sneaks up behind Bearer and grabs his hand before he could swing. Piper then says Virgil is the only guy he can trust as Virgil says once your his friend, you’ll always be his friend. Virgil then takes off the cover of the buffet tray to show a DiBiase Wrestling Buddy then another girl doll to resemble Sherri as they do some role play. It was quite the scene. Piper then buries the dolls in the wooden coffin props and tells DiBiase they are meaner than the LAPD. Having the roleplay with the dolls was bizarre and Virgil using a girls voice needs to be heard by all. The point of this was to show the unity between Piper and Virgil as they are not going to let Sherri help DiBiase win.


Earthquake and Jake come out for their match. Jake fights back after an ambush then slides Damien out on the mat. Earthquake bails then heads up the aisle with Hart but a second referee orders them back into the ring. The second ref then demands Jake put Damien back inside of his bag then underneath the ring. Jake puts it underneath the ring but in the process you catch a glimpse of what appears to be an identical bag. Hart distracts Jake, allowing Earthquake to attack from behind. Earthquake rolls Jake inside and ties him up in the ropes but not before taking the bag from underneath the ring as he puts it in the corner. The announcers talk about how the match has not officially begun as Hart attacks the ref and jumps on top of him. The bell rings multiple times as Earthquake puts the bag in the middle of the ring. Earthquake then yells at Jake and says he will squash the snake. Hart is holding the ref’s leg as Earthquake sets up for the splash. Vince tells us not to watch it as they cut to Sean Mooney’s reaction in the Event Center instead of showing us what happened. Jake is shown screaming and crying in the ropes as he frantically tries to get himself free. Earthquake sets up for another splash as we cut back to Mooney’s reaction instead of the splash. Mooney then says we will not return to the match until the “walking natural disaster” stops his destruction. Earthquake leaves as Savage says the bag is not moving. Vince goes on about Jake hurting inside as Jake takes a peak in the bag then scurries into the corner as he is in disbelief. The camera pans to the reactions from the crowd as they are in shock. The crowd looked genuinely shocked here and Jake was tremendous in his role. In reality, the bag Earthquake used contained a hose and not the snake but the cuts to Mooney in the Event Center made it feel like it really happened.


Bill Lucas & Barry O. vs. The Rockers

Shawn and Barry start it off as Vince tells us The Rockers get a shot at the Tag Team Titles next week against the Nasty Boys. We then hear from The Orient Express, who say they will provide the towels to dry the tears of their teeny-bopper fans. The Rockers work over Lucas then put him away with a double flying fist drop (1:38).

Thoughts: The big news is learning about next week’s Tag Title match. The Rockers continue to feud with the Orient Express, however, and the fact it will be continuing tips you off as to who will win the match next week.


Irwin R. Schyster sarcastically congratulates those who missed the April 15th tax deadline. He also does not want to hear your excuses and stamps “Audit” across someone who forgot to sign their forms.


Next week, we will get an update on Jake Roberts. Also in action are The Berzerker, Col. Mustafa, Texas Tornado, and Virgil. Plus, Hulk Hogan as guest on the Funeral Parlor. The show closes with comments from the Nasty Boys regarding their title defense for next week as Vince closes by plugging the SNME show with Warrior vs. Slaughter and a 20 Man Battle Royal featuring Hogan.


Final Thoughts: The Earthquake/Jake segment was a huge angle and highlight of the show. On this episode, they did a lot more risque stuff than had been seen in the past as the product is starting to get more of an edge. Anyway, they are really hot-shotting angles now on TV as the company is seeing declining viewership across the board.


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