Mania Booking

This is one of the more interesting Mania cards, in that I think order of matches will really help control the crowd reactions. There are matches like AJ's & Daniel Bryan's that are almost guaranteed to have hot crowds, so do you put those on early to get the best reaction, or later to assist on a fatigued audience?

At this point, I'm hoping we get the AJ match first & Bryan match at the midway point (or vice versa) so those don't get ruined by tired crowds.

Scott, how would you structure this year's card? Where would you place stuff like the Roman match (guaranteed hostile reaction) or the Ronda match (potential disaster)?

​I am strongly in the camp of those who say open the show with Roman v. Brock and close with Ronda or Undertaker.  I just don't see the downside.  Fans will be super-hot for the match because it's opening WM, they'll boo Roman and get it out of their system, and Brock can do a quick job and go back to his farm to punch grizzly bears while waiting on a UFC offer.  It would solve a multitude of problems.​