Post-WM NXT Callups

Hi Scott,

There’s usually at least some buzz about the expected Post-WM callups (last year with Nakamura and Revival, 2016 with Enzo and Cass). This year, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete names ticketed for the main roster.

Who do you see coming up? I would love to see Cien Almas get a shot, especially since his career was revived after being paired with Zelina.

​I think Gargano is the obvious one, and I hope to god they don't because he's gonna get slotted in 205 Live and it'll kill his career.  He should literally just stay in NXT forever.  I had heard Aleister Black was due to come up and the title match against Almas was only because Lars Sullivan was out for a while, so he seems likely to lose and make the jump.  The AOP are WAY overdue to move up, too.  The tag division on RAW desperately needs them.  Maybe bring up the Iconic Duo, although honestly we have enough women on the main roster as it is.  Almas deserves a shot, but he also deserves a long run as NXT champion so he can learn to carry himself as a main eventer, so I'd leave him until Summerslam.  ​