Jake Roberts – 1997

So I've been watching some Jake Roberts stuff from his return, back in 1996-1997. I always wondered why he just disappeared afterward the 97 Rumble but after reading it was because WWE brass wanted him to basically retire and get a job behind the scenes, I have to ask. If he hadn't relapsed and instead, was able to stay clean and not let the pressure get to him (also, been okay with retiring at the time) how well do you think he would have fared as far as working in a backstage capacity? His promo work and story telling in the ring were the stuff of legends and I feel, as a fan who has NEVER worked in the business mind you, he could have been such a great backstage asset. 

​Yeah, he got nothing but good marks as an agent and creative mind, but he just self-destructed so often that he was unable to keep the gig.  Oddly enough, another person who could have been set for life as an agent was Scott Hall, who is frequently said to be something of a genius at stuff like putting together a match, ​but again just couldn't keep it together enough to have that kind of responsibility.