The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground S01E22–“Mask vs. Mask”

The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground S01E22

“Mask vs. Mask”

Your hosts are Matt Striker & Vampiro

Dario Cueto wants the Trios title to be a very important one, so Prince Puma is going to compete in it and will need to find two partners. Oh, and also, he’s defending the Lucha Underground title against King Cuerno in the main event TONIGHT.

Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico v. Drago, Aerostar & Fenix

Winner of this advances to the finals, which will be a three-way trios match. The Love Triangle has some communication issues immediately and Fenix manages to fight off all three while they clown around, and Angelico gets superkicked in the masked corner. Drago comes in with a tornado DDT for two, and then Aerostar comes off Fenix’s shoulders with a senton for two, only to see Drago break up the pin because he doesn’t want Aerostar getting the pin. Aerostar gets worked over by Havoc and he gets a shooting star for two, but Ivelisse tags herself in and gets a DDT for two. Angelico tags himself in and Aerostar takes him down with a tilt a whirl headscissors, and then Drago tags himself in with a DDT that puts Angelico on the floor. Fenix tosses Drago onto the floor with an assisted dive because they’re cool with each other, and then Aerostar has to hit his own dive alone. Back in, Ivelisse gets a DDT on Fenix, and Havoc hits Aerostar with a dive to the floor. Everyone is piled up outside, so Ivelisse jumps off Fenix’s back and dives onto everyone. Fenix hangs Angelico in the ropes outside and then ropewalks into a flying elbow on the apron. Back in, Drago and Aerostar work on Havoc, perhaps putting aside their differences for the sake of the team, but Havoc escapes a double suplex and dives for the tag from Ivelisse…and she short-arms him. COLD! So Havoc opts to hit Drago with a shooting star press on his own, and that’s enough to finish at 7:00. Tons of stuff packed into this one. ***1/2

Mientras Tanto, Konnan has the perfect partner for Puma: Hernandez. Johnny Mundo also interjects himself as the third guy on the team, and we get a dramatic camera cut on their dudebro handshake. Konnan is dubious about that choice.

Sexy Star v. Super Fly

Dario interrupts before the match and points out that they’re friends, so in order to guarantee some VIOLENCE, he needs to add some stakes. As a result, this is MASK V. MASK. Dario is just fantastic. They do the stalemate to start and Super Fly goes dirty first with a cheapshot. Because if there’s one thing we know, Super Fly has no problem beating up a woman. I bet the referee would just deny that there was any evidence of it happening. Sexy evades him and gets a facejam before making a comeback, but Super Fly just backhands her with his strong pimp hand to take over. Sexy with a rana and an armdrag to put Fly on the floor, and she follows with a dive off the apron. Back in, Sexy with a codebreaker for two. Super Fly puts her down with a backbreaker and just unloads on her again, but Sexy gets a DDT for two. Super Fly with a powerbomb and he goes up with a moonsault, but that misses and Sexy rolls him up for the pin at 5:49. The announcers actually point out that, yes, it’s kind of lame that they’re just doing this unmasking without any long feud, but all the heat goes on Dario for booking the match. So Sexy unmasks him and they share a moment, but Pentagon runs in, beats up Super Fly, and breaks his arm. So, you know, not a great week to be Super Fly. Sexy’s offense wasn’t particularly believable here and the match didn’t really work. *1/2 So apparently Super Fly had previously unmasked in AAA in 2014, and then RE-masked for Lucha Underground, so it actually wasn’t quite the big deal that it normally would have been.

Lucha Underground title: Prince Puma v. King Cuerno

Cuerno’s backup turns out to be Cage & Texano, so next week’s Trios tournament match is Cage/Cuerno/Texano v. Puma/Mundo/Hernandez. Cuerno works the arm to start, then ducks out of the ring to escape Puma’s comeback. Puma tries a dive and lands on Cage & Texano, and that goes pretty badly for Puma. Back in, Cuerno signals that he’s going to cut Puma’s throat, which Vampiro calls “giving the iggy”. Little too inside there, Vamp. Cuerno continues working the neck with a jawbreaker while Vampiro just buries Konnan on commentary. Cage & Texano wrap Puma around the post and work on the legs while Cuerno takes the ref, but Puma comes back with clotheslines and a leg lariat to put him on the apron. Cuerno fights back with an enzuigiri from the apron, but Puma sends him to the floor and follows with a dive. So Johnny Mundo pops into the ring and hits his own dive on the heels. Back in, one of the guys appear to have been knocked loopy and they botch a top rope slam, but Puma manages to fight back, only to miss a springboard 450. Cuerno hits two german suplexes into a vertical for two. Hernandez distracts Cuerno and Puma superkicks Cage off the apron and goes up with the 630 to finish at 9:03. Hernandez and Puma have some friction about who asked who for help, and all six guys brawl to set up the main event next week. Kind of fell apart after the dives, but they were working hard. ***

Next time: The best of five series concludes!