Nj observations

Scott- After watching Strong Style Evolved, a couple of observations:

1) Okada could be a hit in wwe right now…his moveset and charisma are pitch perfect
2) I hope Kenny Omega never goes to wwe. He would be totally wasted there. Same goes for the bucks…stay away. All are far outside what wwe does. While Omega could probably adapt, he wouldn't be the same.
3) NJ puts on what is basically a mid level house show and its better top to bottom than anything anyone else has done as a show (dome was far and away the best). Bucks V Lovers was just a train wreck of an entertaining match to top it.

​I ended up watching Tongans v. Cody/Villain and the amazing Ishii/Okada v. Suzuki/ZSJ style clash where they just beat the hell out of each other with forearms and it was great.  Thankfully Canada doesn't get AXS (as far as I know) so NJPW World was showing it live tonight.  I ended up missing the main event because the wife wanted to watch Jessica Jones.  Both matches I saw were great for different reasons, although the latter match was particularly stunning in that not only does New Japan showcase different styles up and down the show, but within one MATCH.  ​