Women’s Tag Team Tournament

I'm sure your inbox is filled with Daniel Bryan e-mails, so maybe this could be a nice break.  After watching the WWE24 Women's Empowered special on the network, it reminded me just how deep the women's division is right now. I know you hate more belts/championships/titles, but I think the women's division would benefit from a secondary title. Asuka and eventually Rhonda are almost unbeatable, Charlotte and Nia are the next level.  That leaves people like Alexa, Becky, Sasha, Bayley, Naomi, and the rest with no direction.  A Women's Tag Team Title Tournament would make a lot of sense, and they could push it as another first for women.

​Although I do hate the idea of more titles for the men, the women could absolutely use a tag team title to go after to break up the monotony of the "It's my turn to chase the champion so everyone else in the division just does battle royals" formula they've been going with for a couple of years now.  It doesn't even need to be defended on PPV, just being a TV-only title would be fine.​