What If? Bryan vs Lesnar

So all we know about Brock’s contract is it ends after Mania and, according to Meltzer, he can’t do anything outside of the WWE (without permission) until sometime in August.

I’m not going to ask “does it make sense to leverage giving Brock a UFC match and have him job at Summerslam to Bryan”, because I don’t see how it doesn’t.  Brock goes out on a money match, we have an anointment we actually WANT, and you could even run an #1 Contender angle out of it.  Assuming Bryan stays healthy and Brock feels like playing ball, this should totally happen, right?

​Hey, as noted before, the Brock slaughter of John Cena at Summerslam 14 was supposed to be Daniel Bryan taking that beating, but his concussion changed the plans.  So clearly they've had it in their minds before.  ​If Bryan is healthy, they can draw a bazillion dollars doing the "We apologize to the fanbase for everything" tour with Bryan by having him go over Lesnar at Summerslam, finally enter and win the Rumble in January, and then get the title back at Wrestlemania.