The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–01.16.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 01.16.82

And now, the DREAM MATCH show!

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Bill Watts

Brian Blair v. The Monk

Blair controls with a headlock and slugs away into a slam, and it turns out we’re missing a show, as the January 9 show had a Ted Dibiase v. Paul Orndorff title match and a bunch of angles! Flair finishes the Monk with the abdominal stretch rollup at 3:40. Nothing to this one. 0 for 1.

DREAM MATCH: Andre the Giant & Junkyard Dog & Dusty Rhodes v. Ernie Ladd & The Wild Samoans

JYD and Dusty double-team Sika to start and Dog gets two, and then Andre comes in and just whomps on the Samoans by himself, even ramming their heads together and making them sell! Ladd comes in and Andre just manhandles him, sending him flying with a chop before taking him down with a headlock. Ernie looked like he didn’t wanna go down, but if Andre says go down, you go down. Unfortunately, the Giant gets caught in the heel corner and finally three of them at once slow him down, but Andre literally walks out of the corner with a Samoan on his back, dragging him over to the babyface corner to bring in Dusty. What a great spot. Dusty goes to work on Ladd’s leg and Ernie runs away, but Afa comes in and Andre just puts him down with a big boot for two. Finally the heels triple-team Andre again and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA as Dusty and Dog double-backdrop Ladd, and then Andre hits him with a running splash to finish at 6:46. This felt like six big stars having a fun match. 1 for 2.

Mr. Olympia v. Carlos Zapata

Damn, we also missed Olympia’s debut last week. Olympia works a headlock and keeps Zapata down with armdrags. Bill Watts is unaware of the identity of the mysterious Mr. Olympia, so at this point the gag with Jerry Stubbs and his multiple personalities is not yet a thing. Olympia with a rollup for two and he continues working the arm. Zapata gets some jobber offense, but Olympia puts him out with a sleeper at 3:48. But he’s a good, clean, scientific wrestler, so he revives him afterwards. 2 for 3.

Ed Wiscowski v. Tommy Wright

Ed yanks the poor jobber around by the trunks and pounds away in the corner, but Wright fights back on him, so Ed hits a butterfly suplex for two and picks him up. Backbreaker finishes at 2:00. 2 for 4.

Bob Roop v. Dick Murdoch

Roop offers a clean break on the ropes off the lockup, so Murdoch goes ahead and punches him in the face anyway. See, that’s how a Bill Watts babyface operates. Fight fire with fire, etc. Roop tries working on a headlock and that goes on forever as he uses various methods of cheating to hold him down, but Murdoch comes back with the wind-up Popeye punch and tries the brainbuster, but Orndorff runs down and trips him up for two. Murdoch goes after Orndorff and Roop rolls him up for two, and finally Paul just comes in for the DQ at 8:00. Ted Dibiase quickly saves before any serious beatdown can occur. Good hard-hitting match. 3 for 5.

Ernie Ladd returns to rant at Boyd Pierce about how Andre cheated him and broke every rule, so he’s taking his issues out on JYD or whoever else associates with him. And in fact, he’s putting the Samoans in against the poor geeks who were supposed to be having a tag team match next!

The Wild Samoans v. Rick Monte & Jesse Barr

Monte tries bouncing around the ring and the Samoans just wreck him, but he quickly makes a hot tag to Jesse Barr, who runs wild for about 1.5 seconds until running into a back elbow and double headbutt from the heels. Samoan drop finishes him at 1:30. Total destruction. 4 for 6.

Bob Orton v. Mike George

Not much time left so they go a million miles an hour to star, immediately trading blows until Orton hits him with a high knee and tries the piledriver. George gets an atomic drop to send Orton flying into the corner and pins him at 0:55. Man they were REALLY short on time! The Samoans immediately hit the ring and go after George, as promised by Ernie Ladd, laying him out until JYD and Dusty make the save.

Dusty swings by the desk to cut one more promo about “biting in the booty” and we’re out.