I’m onboard…

…for the Daniel Bryan show, but, I can't help but have a massive knot in my throat after throwing himself around the ring on Smackdown. Doesn't he owe it to the fans to just take it a little easy for the next month
or so? He's got this incredible second-chance we really didn't think was possible, he's got a family now and surrounded by people that love him more for himself as a person than his wrestling. SURELY he can give himself, the fans, the WWE medical team a bit
of rope and go slow for a bit? If the rumours are he's going to work a full-time schedule, can we just get a few *** go through the motions TV matches, so we can save the five-star-Bryan for guys like Miz, Nakamura, Cena and Styles who deserve it?

 I'm catching what you're pitching there, but that's literally the opposite of Daniel Bryan's philosophy for his entire career, so I wouldn't hold my breath.