Brock Failure

Hey Scott,

With Lesnar possibly leaving after WM, is it fair to say that, at the end, his run was essentially a failure?

WWE has given him UT's streak (which could've gone directly to Roman), put him over their ENTIRE locker room, made him look like a king in all ways and, at every turn, made the rest of the roster look like losers by comparison and all just to put over Reigns at mania in a move that everyone is already saying will never work.

Meanwhile, with the Network, there's no way of knowing if Lesnar is affecting business and every reason to assume he isn't. I can't even guess how anyone could argue that this has turned out well for WWE.

On a related note, if this isn't the end for Brock and WWE does resign him, WHY?


​I wouldn't call it a failure, but by the same token the goal posts have moved so much now that we have no idea what a "success" would entail, either.  Has it made the Universal title seem insanely important compared to the Jinder Mahal belt?  Yeah.  Does he boost ratings?  Sometimes.  Does anyone else?  No.  Does he draw big houses when he works them?  Sometimes.  Does anyone else?  No.  So there you go, by comparison, he's the biggest star they've got.
That being said, if they do re-sign him, it's 100% to have him front and center for the FOX deal and make sure UFC doesn't.  And frankly given the money at stake with that one, they'd be foolish not to try.  ​