What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – September 23, 1995

Vince McMahon recaps how Henry Godwinn has been on a “slopping spree” in recent weeks and chronicles his battles with the Million Dollar Corporation.

McMahon, Jerry Lawler, and Jim Ross are in the booth and concluding the tapings in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Opening Contest:  Bam Bam Bigelow & Henry Godwinn wrestle Kama & Tatanka (w/Ted DiBiase) (1-0) to a double count out at 6:02 shown:

Like Godwinn, Bigelow has issues with the Million Dollar Corporation, wrestling Tatanka on the house show circuit in a series of Indian strap matches.  After the babyfaces get the advantage early, DiBiase goes backstage and brings Sid to the ring, with Sid giving Godwinn a powerbomb on the arena floor when Godwinn ends up there after a hot tag courtesy of Tatanka.  Somehow this produces a double count out because the heels are too stupid to stay in the ring when they end up two-on-one against Bigelow.  That hurts this to a degree, but it was just a run of the mill tag match that had the intention of leading to a Sid-Godwinn bout at In Your House 3.  This was also the last appearance of Tatanka in 1995 due to his suspension from the company over sexual assault allegations.  Rating:  *½

Dok Hendrix does a horrible Puerto Rican accent to hype the Madison Square Garden card in two weeks.  Bret Hart warns Jerry Lawler to stay out of his business, with George Steele doing his usual crazy shtick.

Isaac Yankem is shown flossing with a shoelace backstage.

Hunter-Hearst Helmsley (16-0) pins Tony Williams after a Pedigree at 1:53:

Helmsley steals part of Rick Martel’s old gimmick by spraying something around the ring to make it smell better because a hog farmer like Henry Godwinn was in the ring before him.  Helmsley overcomes some early frustrations when Williams gets the better of him in a wrestling sequence, gives Williams a flapjack, and finishes him with the Pedigree to stay undefeated.

Goldust is in a movie theater, arguing that no movie star prior to him was immortal and they do not stack up to him.  He promises to whisper in Bret Hart’s ear “I’m not going to kill you, I just want you to do me a favor and I want you to tell all your friends about me.”  Goldust’s string of great segments continues with this vignette, arguably his best yet.

McMahon is prepared to interview Diesel and Shawn Michaels but Jim Cornette, Owen Hart, Yokozuna, and Mr. Fuji crash the segment.  Cornette warns Michaels that their days of holding their titles are coming to a close and says they mix about as well as “Vince McMahon and real hair.”  Michaels response is pretty lame by comparison after that one, but he puts over the idea of how friendship will get he and Diesel through In Your House.

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Isaac Yankem (1-1) beats Bob Holly (13-9-1) after the DDS at 5:18:

The WWF is now billing Yankem as “the world’s largest dentist” something that is sure to get this gimmick over just like anyone who has ever been saddled with “the world’s strongest man” nickname.  Yankem slowly beats Holly all over the ring until Holly gets a hope spot with a missile dropkick.  That is not enough, though, as Yankem hits the DDS out of nowhere.  All this did for Yankem was give him another win, but Holly showed that he worked well as an underneath guy and arguably deserved a better role in the midcard.  Rating:  ¾*

Sid (w/Ted DiBiase) (5-3) defeats Savio Vega (12-1) via disqualification when Bam Bam Bigelow interferes at 1:20:

Sid quickly gets the better of Savio within a minute of the two brawling.  However, before Sid can give Savio a powerbomb, Bigelow hits the ring and attacks Sid, creating a disqualification.  This made Savio look really, really weak, which was very surprising since he had a pay-per-view match in two days against Waylon Mercy.  And Sid has fallen significantly down the card since April as he is now feuding with a lower midcarder in Godwinn.

After the bell, Godwinn goes to slop DiBiase again, but DiBiase runs away.  Therefore, Godwinn settles for slopping Sid.  Sid grabs a chair and loses his mind around ringside, causing all three babyfaces to flee.

Hendrix does more Madison Square Garden hype.  Jerry Lawler tells Isaac Yankem that fans in Madison Square Garden love Bret Hart and that George Steele likely has lots of tooth damage from eating turnbuckles.  Yankem does not look pleased at the news.

-McMahon, Lawler, and Ross run down the In Your House 3 card and encourage the audience to purchase it on Sunday.  After showing Sid destroying a trash can, McMahon announces that Sid and Henry Godwinn will face each other at In Your House 3.  Shockingly, Lawler predicts that we will have new tag team champions in the “triple header.”

Tune in next week to see Barry Horowitz & Barry Horowitz battle Skip & Rad Radford!  Also, the British Bulldog squares off against Fatu!

The Last Word:  When people tell you that the Million Dollar Corporation was one of the worst stables in WWF history they are not kidding.  They were all over this show and ran it into the ground.  Sid was the only bright spot in the whole team, but he was being wasted in a feud with Godwinn and even if he won it he was not going to be jettisoned back into the main event.  If anything, this show illustrated how the company lacks sufficient midcard depth because Monday Night RAW had the A-level talent and put on a good show earlier in the week while this effort was very sub-par.

The WWF did not do any house shows in the lead up to In Your House 3, but here were some news items prior to the show (courtesy of The Wrestling Observer from October 2):

*The WWF has contacted All-Japan Pro Wrestling about getting some female wrestlers for Survivor Series.  The WWF wanted Bull Nakano, but All-Japan has promised Nakano to WCW for a pay-per-view in Norfolk, Virginia, so she is off the table.  To ensure no bad feelings, All-Japan has promised to send Aja Kong to the WWF for the event.  There are some rumblings that the WWF might phase out women’s wrestling by the end of the year so Alundra Blayze might be returning to All-Japan, where she worked in 1989 and 1990.

*The company flew in Jeff Jarrett and Adam Bomb to try to convince them to return to the company.  Bomb met with Bill Watts but said he would prefer to leave rather than fulfill the remaining months of his contract.

*Barry Didinsky appears to have been released from this contract as the company’s top merchandise salesman.

*Tom Brandi, who wrestles under the name of Johnny Gunn, might be coming into the company sporting a motorcycle cop gimmick based on the hit television show Chips.  (Note:  Brandi did not come in with this gimmick but was brought in a year later as Salvatore Sincere).

Up Next:  In Your House 3!