Brock Lesnar/UFC

I was listening to a Podcast with Chael Sonnen and Chris Jericho recently. Jericho asked Sonnen if he believes Brock can just return to UFC despite what happened with the testing right away. Sonnen said that Brock would not be able to fight for 14 months from the date he signs with UFC so therefore does not see Lesnar ever going back for that fact as he is not getting any younger. Would you or anybody here on the blog whose well informed of how that works be able to elaborate on that?

​He's referring to the fact that Brock "retired" from UFC before he could finish serving out his suspension for doping in the Mark Hunt fight, so in theory if he returned he would probably need to finish the remaining two years of the suspension.  However, he can put himself into the pool of USADA testing before he actually signs, and that starts the clock again.  Plus realistically there's ways to make things happen if you're UFC.  They could always do the fight on a yacht in international waters, where no laws apply!  Plus then the undercard would be filled with monkey knife fights. ​