WWF Wrestling Challenge – April 7th, 1991

April 7, 1991

From the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Jim Neidhart

In action this week are The Undertaker, The Dragon, British Bulldog, Earthquake, and Texas Tornado


British Bulldog vs. Jeff Sword

Heenan calls Bulldog “flea infested.” Bulldog slams Sword around then we hear from Mr. Perfect in an insert promo laughing about Bulldog having a “ruff” time when they face off in the ring. Bulldog clotheslines Sword in the corner then hits a running powerslam for the win (1:39).

Thoughts: Lots of corny dog puns to hype up the IC Title program here.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same report that we saw on “Superstars of Wrestling” that focused on Slaughter throwing a fireball in Hogan’s face after WrestleMania.


The Bushwhackers vs. Scott Allen & Jim Corbitt

Heenan tells Gorilla they do not need Neidhart then Gorilla says they should sit together. Power & Glory are with Slick in an insert promo as they promise there will be nothing left of The Bushwhackers after they face off. The Bushwhackers rough up their opponents then put Allen away with a double gutbuster (2:22).

Thoughts: We are now getting a lower card tag feud between Power & Glory and The Bushwhackers. There is a lack of depth on the face side of the Tag Team division especially since the Hart Foundation split up.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Major Yates

The camera cuts to several fans in attendance who are in awe of Undertaker’s presence. The Undertaker beats on Yates to start then hits a chokeslam. Undertaker & Bearer call out the Ultimate Warrior in an insert promo then hits his ropewalk clubbing forearm before the tombstone gets him a win (2:14).

Thoughts: They continue to build up The Undertaker for his feud against the Ultimate Warrior. And the thing about that is just how popular the Undertaker is becoming with the fans. He’s just too cool to hate for some fans.


The Dragon vs. Keith Steinborn

Neidhart does not understand why Dragon has a torch. Dragon hits Steinborn with several chops then goes up top for a flying chop. He then heads back up for a flying body press and the win (1:29).

Thoughts: This gimmick is not doing Steamboat any favors. All he does is hit chops for the most part, which I believe Steamboat attributed to his ring gear (armbands) being restrictive.


Gene Okerlund welcomes The Mountie & Jimmy Hart to the interview platform. Okerlund asks Hart the plans he has for Mountie in his “stable.” Hart takes offense to the word “stable” and says that’s for animals as he has an organization. I like that line. The Mountie then runs down the Big Bossman for being law and order of a small, hick town while he is in charge of the great outdoors and the WWF. Mountie also accuses Bossman of being a cop who gives law enforcement a bad name. He then promises to show Bossman what real law enforcement will do to a puny, local cop. Mountie thinking he is a more important law enforcement official than Bossman is what is being pushed in this feud. I thought he did a decent job with this promo.


Power & Glory w/ Slick vs. Kevin Greeno & Mike Samples

We hear from The Bushwhackers in an insert promo as they talk about Power & Glory not liking their style. They do not care. Hercules works over Greeno then tosses him outside. Roma tags and hammers away on Greeno then does the same to Samples. Power & Glory stay in control then hit a side slam/elbow drop combo for the win as Roma made the cover with his foot (3:11).

Thoughts: An easy win for Power & Glory as they are stuck feuding with The Bushwhackers.


Gorilla plugs the “Bodybuilding Lifestyles” magazine cover with Gary Strydom. Won’t be the last time, either.


Texas Tornado vs. Doug Vines

Neidhart talks about Tornado’s world record in the discus throw. Tornado hits a pair of hip toss then drops Vines off the top rope with a discus punch. He then pulls Vines back inside and uses the claw before the Tornado Punch gets the win (2:15).

Thoughts: Tornado’s rapid decline continues as he went from IC Champ to being aimlessly stuck in the midcard in a span of a few months.


Irwin R Schyster promo from “Superstars of Wrestling” airs.


Mike Shelton vs. Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart

Earthquake beats on Shelton and busts out a standing dropkick. We hear from Jake Roberts in an insert promo telling us he heard a vicious rumor of the only thing that can “make the quake shake” is a snake. Earthquake hits Shelton with a powerslam before a sit-down splash gets the win (2:40).

Thoughts: They continue to build up the Earthquake/Jake feud around Jake’s opponent being afraid of the snake.


In action next week are The Rockers, The Mountie, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Col. Mustafa, and the Legion of Doom. Plus, the debut of the “Barber Shop” with Brutus Beefcake and more!


Final Thoughts: They focused on a lot of new feuds post-Mania and learned that the Barber Shop would debut next week. Not much else to say other than that.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/14/91

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