Wrestlemania Main Event

Hi Scott,

Does DBry's announcement change the main event of Mania this year? I'm not saying he should be in it. Much to my dismay, the tag match with Shane, Sami, and KO actually makes a lot of narrative sense and a tag match is a solid way to hide rust.

But if DBry is around does the crowd go into business for themselves during Reigns/Lesnar if that's the main? Are they happy if Styles/Nak finishes the night? What happens? What should happen? What's the meaning of life?

​Styles v. Nakamura should open because then it can get lots of time and they'll have a super-hot opener for the show.  I'd put the Bryan tag match midway through, let him go over clean and let the crowd get all the YES stuff out of their system and again I must stress for the love of Christ PUT HIM OVER CLEAN.  Then that way there's at least another 2-3 hours before the Reigns match and everything should be cool.  I'd even put the Bryan match on second to keep him far away from Roman.
Either way, they've got a hell of a card here.  ​