WWF Superstars of Wrestling – April 6th, 1991

April 6, 1991

From the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, FL.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Randy Savage

In action this week are the Big Bossman, Jake Roberts, Ted DiBiase, The Rockers, and Mr. Perfect. Plus, The Undertaker as guest on the “Funeral Parlor.”


Big Bossman vs. Keith Steinborn

Bossman beats on Steinborn as we hear from The Mountie with Jimmy Hart in an insert promo. The Mountie accuses Bossman of getting soft as Bossman puts Steinborn away with a sidewalk slam (1:22).

Thoughts: More hype for a Bossman/Mountie feud, which has been the direction since before WrestleMania.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on the Hulk Hogan/Sgt. Slaughter feud as we see a clip of Slaughter throwing a fireball in Hogan’s face after WrestleMania. We now hear from Slaughter with Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa. Slaughter laughs at Hogan thinking the war has ended because it just begun. And they will continue this feud. At this point the company was really weak on top heels.


Jeff Sword & Pez Whatley vs. The Rockers

The Orient Express & Mr. Fuji are shown in an insert promo telling The Rockers about their “torture chamber music” because they do not like rock ‘n roll. Marty works over Whatley but gets cheap-shotted as Vince claims he was disracted. Vince then confirms last week’s rumor of Brutus Beefcake returning to the WWF to open up a “barber shop.” Shawn tags and beats on Sword as The Rockers stay in control until they put Sword away with double flying fist drops.

Thoughts: Doesn’t bode well for The Rockers future as a team when they are going to be back feuding with the Orient Express, a team they already beat at the Royal Rumble. At least they have excellent matches together.


Irwin R. Schyster is back with another tax tip. He quotes Benjamin Franklin for saying there are only two certain things: death and taxes. Schyster tells people to stop lying about medical expenses and to stick with “generic drugs.” This is far less effective than his debut vignette.


Mr. Perfect w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Dale Wolfe

The announcers talk about Perfect and British Bulldog facing off in the future. Perfect & Heenan are in an insert promo put down Winston as Perfect claims to be perfect. Wolfe catches Perfect with a hip toss and a slam but Perfect takes him down after taking a breather. Perfect then works over the leg before hitting the Perfect Plex for the win (2:51).

Thoughts: More build for the Perfect/Bulldog IC Title program.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Brooklyn Brawler

We get a “USA” chant as Brawler attacks Duggan. Brawler bails and thinks he is smart but Duggan follows out and hammers away. Duggan rolls Brawler back inside as we hear from Col. Mustafa in an insert promo running down Duggan in his native tongue. Duggan then scoops up Brawler for a slam before putting him away with the Three Point Stance (1:33).

Thoughts: We are now getting a Duggan vs. Mustafa lower card feud, which is something I do not care to see due to the deteriorated condition of both men.


Funeral Parlor with guest The Undertaker. Paul Bearer tells us that the Ultimate Warrior is scared to come into his parlor and has even prepared Warrior a special casket. The Undertaker tells Warrior he gets his powers from the souls of his warriors and promises to bury them all. Bearer is now daring Warrior to appear on his show to accelerate the Warrior/Undertaker program that has been brewing for the past month.


John Allen vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Allen is proud of himself after knocking down Jake. Allen then runs into a boot and is sent down with a knee lift. Jake works the arm as Allen freaks out because he’s near the snake bag, prompting the announcers to say how a lot of people are afraid of snakes. Allen eats boot in the corner as Vince plugs the WBF event 6/15 at the Taj Mahal. Jake goes back to the arm as they show a different view of the arena that is mostly taped off. This is not a large crowd at all. Jake then hits Allen with a short-armed clothesline before the DDT gets the win (3:11). After the match, Jake dumps Damien on top of Allen.

Thoughts: A win for Jake as he will now need to find himself a feud since Rick Martel is about to leave the company. And he will find that feud very shortly as a matter of fact.


Jake stays in the ring and celebrates with Damien. He then spends time with the fans and we even hear the bell for the next match. The Earthquake comes out with Jimmy Hart. Earthquake sees Jake with Damien walking by and is petrified, even using his manager as a shield. Piper laughs hysterically as Earthquake keeps backing up as Jake chases him back to the interview platform. Vince is screaming for Jake to get Earthquake as Jake runs him off. While another big guy being afraid of snakes is hardly an original premise, the crowd seemed to dig Jake taunting Earthquake with Damien as Vince was going nuts on commentary.


Clip of Andre the Giant knocking Bobby Heenan into a pool of grapes on “Prime Time Wrestling.” We then see last week on “Wrestling Challenge” when Andre told Heenan they are not friends then squeezes his hand hard to say this is the last time he’ll say it.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase vs. Reno Riggins

Like he did on “Wrestling Challenge” last week, DiBiase introduces Sensational Sherri as his new manager. Both Piper and Savage are disgusted as Savage leaves the set while Piper refuses to speak. DiBiase beats on Riggins as we hear from Virgil as he talks about proving he could wrestle and will beat DiBiase and “spank” Sherri if he runs into the ring. DiBiase catches Riggins with a powerslam then uses the Million Dollar Dream for the win (1:29).

Thoughts: Savage, who has been mostly heelish as an announcer, showed a lot of disgust here in a way that would make him a face. And having both commentators try to put over the new heel act of DiBiase & Sherri would indicate they have big plans.


Next week in action are The Berzerker, Bret Hart, Nasty Boys, Texas Tornado, and Sgt. Slaughter. Plus, Vince tells us the Ultimate Warrior has accepted Paul Bearer’s invitation on the “Funeral Parlor.”


Final Thoughts: This show was all about establishing the direction of the company now that WrestleMania has ended. The big news for next week is that the Ultimate Warrior will be a guest on the “Brother Love Show” and that will be something memorable.


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