The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–01.16.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 01.16.82

OK, we’re now caught up with Mid-South, so now I can start alternating between Bill Watts and Jim Crockett! Between this and Daniel Bryan returning, I’m in jaded wrestling geek HEAVEN.

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & David Crockett

Roddy Piper joins us to start, and everyone is surprised that he’s getting a bunch of votes in the “Most Valuable of 1981” balloting. He knows who Ole Anderson is going to pick as his tag team partner, but he’s not telling.

Terry Taylor v. Ben Alexander

Yes, the push of exciting youngster, former Channel 17 National TV champion, Terry Taylor, continues! Roddy Piper is nice enough to provide color commentary here. He categorizes this as “young rookie vs. old fogey” and remains unimpressed. Taylor works the arm and we learn that Sgt. Slaughter is going CRAZY backstage because the $1000 remains in escrow until Blackjack Mulligan Jr. gets another shot. If he’s so sure of his hold, the announcers wonder, why not give him another chance? Because that’s how COMMUNISM starts. Taylor is working the arm, and working the arm, and Piper waits patiently to see the veteran jobber hit his spot, but Taylor cuts him off and he’s working the arm again. Taylor pretty openly asks the ref for a time call and then Alexander gets his shit in , but Taylor reverses into the abdominal stretch rollup at 7:00 to finish. Not a great start. 0 for 1.

Austin Idol v. Mike Davis

Interestingly, Idol does the whole “Let me take my robe off and show you what a real man looks like” spiel before the match, so I guess we know where Rude stole that bit from. Idol works a headlock and complains to the ref for a while before hitting a backbreaker for two. Davis takes him down with his own headlock, but walks into a high knee, and Idol finishes with the figure-four at 5:17. I like how Caudle diplomatically calls it a “variation” of the figure-four. 0 for 2.

Blackjack Mulligan and Son are out to reinforce that Junior deserves another shot at Slaughter, and people have been criticizing Senior for not stepping in and whupping on Sarge on his son’s behalf. That’s not how they do things in Texas, and he will only take care of business if Junior asks. Which he won’t. Because Texas.

Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Mulligan Jr. v. Jim Nelson & Ricky Harris

Nelson pounds on Senior in the corner, but Blackjack no-sells it and tosses Nelson across the ring, and it’s over to Junior for some dropkicks and then armdrags on Harris. The Mulligans work Harris over in their corner, and Senior drags Harris over to tag Nelson. Harris gets all insulted by that and tosses him, but Blackjack beats ass from the apron and finally Harris runs away and brings Nelson back in again. Junior slugs it out with him, and Senior comes in with a back elbow to set up Junior’s lariat, before Senior ends it with the IRON CLAW on Harris at 5:20. Fun, energetic squash. 1 for 3.

Ole Anderson needs more time to find a partner! Sgt. Slaughter has zero sympathy for the Mulligans, and he’s shocked that Blackjack Jr. wants that $1000 so badly that he’d be willing to endure the pain of the unbreakable cobra clutch. He made a man out of a boy in the form of Jim Nelson, and the cobra clutch will make a boy out of a man when he applies it to one of the Mulligans, because it’s THAT PAINFUL. That’s a great line.

Jake Roberts v. Bill White

Jake works a headlock forever and they slug it out in the corner, but White gets a kneelift for two. Jake hits him with a back suplex, gets his own kneelift, and that’s all at 4:44. That was a whole lot of nothing. 1 for 4.

Sgt. Slaughter v. Buddy Landel

Buddy gets a couple of armdrags, but Slaughter wraps him up in a leglock and holds him on the mat for some near-falls. Buddy manages to get control on the mat and dodges Sarge for a bit, but inevitably gets overpowered, but escapes the unbreakable cobra clutch by rolling out of it. Buddy tries to get fancy and goes after Nelson, however, and Sarge pins him with a simple cradle at 5:00. Look at that, great basic wrestling from Sarge. Buddy gets to taste the pain of the unbreakable cobra clutch afterwards, and then Mulligan Jr. sticks his punk nose into Sarge’s business and makes the save afterwards as we’re out of time.

Man, Mid-South looks SO much more state-of-the-art next to Mid-Atlantic. Crazy that both shows were airing at exactly the same time.