Did NJPW force WWE to clear Bryan?

It seems crazy that WWE would clear him now, just as his contract is expiring and the whole world thought he'd end up in New Japan.

Do you think WWE cleared him, in any part, because of that? It has to be annoying Vince that NJPW World is gaining subscribers in the US while his Network is losing them.

Or are they worried WM was going to bring no new subscribers with Brock/Roman and pulled the trigger now on Bryan?

Find the timing so odd because if they knew theyd have Bryan ready for WrestleMania, they shouldve done something a whole lot better. 

​I think they legitimately believed in the opinion of Maroon and didn't want to open themselves up to any further concussion lawsuits by having Bryan out there taking a bump and dying in the ring.  It was just extremely fortuitous timing that they managed to get him cleared right before Wrestlemania, and I'm not even being facetious.  Sometimes shit just happens at the exact right time.
Now that being said, Roman is FUCKED.  People are gonna be wanting Daniel Bryan in his spot all over again and probably hijacking the main event of the show.​