What to do with Wyatt?

Kind sir,

It's a shame, because the gimmick was so interesting at the start, but it seems like everyone else has soured on Bray Wyatt and his supernatural mumbo jumbo. The potential was there, but they didn't do enough actual storytelling with it, and now it's closing in on 5 years on the main roster; Wyatt's shelf life is quickly expiring it seems. This Broken Matt feud seems to be a good end point: he gets out-crazied by all the Broken antics and disappears for a while.

So what do they do with Wyatt afterwards? Do they have him pivot to a less supernatural type thing, and do a reformed sinner type angle? Try to pull a Mankind and soften the character into a fun loving eccentric? Repackage him entirely? Cut him loose? Or just keep things the same and let him ride the gimmick back down the midcard until he's spiderwalking in dark matches?

​Spin him off into a sexy private investigator in the bayou of N'Orleans, having sexy adventures and occasionally bumping into his old friends. He can learn that it was Papa Shango behind all the gator smuggling.  ​