Jake the Snake attacking Macho Man at the Wedding

Heading into Summerslam 1991, it appeared that Jake "The Snake" was going to feud afterward with the Ultimate Warrior having turned on him in those vignettes about learning the Dark Side.  However Warrior was fired/quit
the day of Summerslam, and then Jake attacked Macho Man and Liz at the Wedding Ceremony.

Was this done as a last minute thing because Warrior left or were they always planning this post-wedding angle?  If Jake-Warrior was the feud being set up, how was Macho Man originally going to come back to the ring?

​It was a last minute thing. Macho was never supposed to come out of retirement, although we all know it eventually would have happened anyway.  But in his mind, in the short-term he was leaving to go have a baby with Elizabeth.​