How to Structure a Card

Hey Scott. Love the blog and the community you have here.

How do you structure a card to avoid burnout yet send fans home happy while making each wrestler look important? I've listened to Jim Cornette talk about freaking out on guys for having a hard hitting match in the middle of a show, but then Jim Ross talks about each guy should go in the back with the mentality of "beat that!"

Is it the NXT model of just 3-5 matches in 2 hours? Or do you vary the card to have a technical match, the wild brawl, a high flying match, etc?

Just thought your take would be interesting. Thank you!

​The best answer I can give is "Whatever works for the audience you have."  I prefer varied styles, but crowds like PWG might enjoy high-fliers up and down the card for 5 hours.  There's no one solution.​