How will “Money In The Bank” go this year?

  With the WWE having done away with brand specific PPVs, how exactly do you think they'll do "Money In The Bank" this year?  Surely they won't have 2 men's and 2 women's MITB matches on 1 show?  I think even Vince would say that would be overkill.

​I know we say this every year and every year it doesn't happen, but they've really reached the end of the gimmick as far as useful storytelling engines go and it's time to retire it.  Like with Carmella, where they waited too long for the cash-in and now they've booked themselves into a corner where they apparently don't want her to fail but don't want her to actually beat either champion, either.  Unless they go with the one story left they haven't told:  A briefcase holder desperately trying to cash in on the night of Money in the Bank before the next ladder match starts and she loses it.  ​
Anyway, I think they're doing one men's and one women's briefcase, and the winner will cash in on whichever show they want and automatically get drafted there if they win.