Wasted Talent

Hey Scott, I was watching the Network Friday and it got me to thinking of wrestlers who had all the tools at their disposal, and for either creative or the performers themselves wasted the talent they had to be bigger stars.

1. Jake the Snake Roberts – Great on the Mike, great ring psycholigist, but never lived up to what he could truly be.

2. Psycho Sid – 4 time champ, but, had the look, finisher, charisma, but his craziness got in the way. Even though listening to his interviews, sounds like many of the stories were convuluted to make him look bad.

3. Ahmed Johnson – Look, finisher, lazy

4. Goldust – Look, promos, psychology, personal demons got in the way.

5. Vader – Look, moveset, finisher, charisma, yes he was big in Japan, and WCW, but never lived up to what he could have been with both his attitude and outside forces getting in the way 

6. Barry Windham – Look, move set, ok promo, laziness. Yes, former world champ, but could have been so much more.

7. Tully Blanchard – Move Set, selling, ring psychology, personal demons.

8. Luger – Didnt really care for wrestling.

9. Bam Bam Bigelow – Ahead of his time, moveset, look, ok promo, bad attitude.

10. Muta – Big in Japan, Lazy in the states, had so much of everything.
​I would agree with most of these, but Muta and Vader had Hall of Fame careers in Japan alone and I wouldn't call either one "wasted" since it was all gravy.  It would have been nice if Vader was used better in WWF in 96, but he did OK for himself.  ​