The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–12.25.81

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 12.25.81

Ho ho ho, it’s a very Watts Christmas!

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Bill Watts

Jerry Novak & Ricky Ferrara v. Mike George & Carlos Zapata

Bill Watts notes that George’s tag team partner JYD is out with knee problems, so the esteemed Mr. Zapata is taking his place. George slugs it out with Ferrara, but gets trapped in the jobber corner and worked over with the dreaded clubbing forearms, as Watts notes that Zapata basically might as well not be there because he’s useless and George is on his own. The jobbers double-team George and Zapata comes over to help, but he just gets his ass kicked by the scrubs and Watts is like “Man, this guy is terrible, what a sack of shit.” So George just makes his own comeback while Zapata lays on the floor and sells, and he finishes the jobbers with a dropkick and backdrop each at 3:00. What a bizarre tag match. I love this show. 1 for 1.


So last week Paul Ellering did 50 reps with the Sheik’s clubs, and Sheik promised to do 100 in retaliation, but then time ran out before that could happen. So this is the rematch, and Sheik indeed does 100 and lives up to his word. So Ellering tells us that he was out 444 days and slept with 444 women, so he’ll do 444 reps. And then, shockingly, Sheik waits until he does about 20 and then lays him out and puts him in the camel clutch. Ellering fights out and makes the comeback, so Akbar hits him with the flag and they beat him down until a referee makes the save. 2 for 2.

Brian Blair v. Paul Orndorff

They seem to be confused about the spelling of “Brian”, since it was “Bryan” the last two weeks. They fight over a lockup and trade headlocks on the mat, but Blair gets a headscissors and cranks on that. Bob Roop watches at ringside as Watts informs us that he is the engineer of Orndorff’s figure-four reversal a couple of weeks ago. Did Paul really need a coach to tell him to turn over? Orndorff works his way out of the headscissors, but Blair reverses him into a hammerlock and works on the arm. So while Watts talks about Paul’s brother Terry, who scored an upset over Junkyard Dog on the first show I reviewed, I look him up and it turns out that the JYD match was his last one ever! He just wasn’t interested in the business and retired in December of 1981. Orndorff escapes the armbar and pounds away on Blair, but Brian makes the comeback on him and escapes a figure-four attempt, then reverses a suplex and gets his own figure-four. Roop uses his coaching skills, motioning at Orndorff to roll over, and BY GOD it works, as Brian Blair becomes the only human being ever to submit to a reversed figure-four at 8:00. HISTORY IS MADE. This is going to go down to Ric Flair losing to Kerry Von Erich via backslide in annals of looking like a complete goof. However, the referee goes over to the desk and stresses that Blair did NOT give up, it was a referee stoppage. So rest easy. 3 for 3. Still, when Bill Watts decides he’s going to get a figure-four reversal over as a thing, he FUCKING GETS IT OVER.

Ted Dibiase v. Mike Boyer

I don’t want to be superficial, but Mike Boyer has a face like an Easter Island statue. Dibiase wrestles him to the mat and gets a backslide for two, and I was half-expecting that to finish since we’re now living in a world where a figure-four reversal is a devastating ref stoppage. Dibiase wins a slugfest in the corner and gets a backdrop and dropkick, then finishes with a powerslam and figure-four at 3:00. Damn, he was lucky that Bob Roop wasn’t at ringside to yell “TURN OVER!” at Boyer, because he would have been FUCKED. 3 for 4.

Bob Roop & Bob Orton Jr. v. Mike Bond & Frank Monte

Bond gets a sunset flip on Orton for two and switches off with Monte, who PUTS UP HIS DUKES like a 40s strongman or something. Monte takes Roop down with a series of flying headscissors and Roop runs away, and then Monte goes to work on Orton with headlocks. Roop distracts the referee, however, and the heels hit Monte with a double-clothesline in the corner to take over. Monte with a small package on Roop for two, but Roop holds him down from the bottom and tags Orton from the mat, allowing Orton to pound on Monte. That’s pretty slick tag teaming. Over to Bond, but the heels wreck him with a Demolition elbow and Orton finishes with a piledriver at 4:25. I approve of this sort of thing. 4 for 5.

Ed Wiskowski v. Tom Renesto Jr.

Wiskowski storms him and beats him down in the corner as Watts points out that Ed lost to Ted Dibiase 3 weeks back, but he used that loss as motivation and has steamrolled a bunch of guys since then. I like little storylines like that. Also, Watts says that while fans might blame the referee for a loss, you’d also have to credit the referee for a win, so guys need to man up and battle through adversity. Preach on, Bill. Wiskowski beats on the guy and finishes with a backbreaker at 2:00. 5 for 6 due to Watts telling these damn millennials a thing or two.

The Iron Sheik v. Don Cerrano

No match, as Sheik tosses the jobber out and Paul Ellering storms the ring to get revenge, which Watts approves of. Don’t get mad, get even. WWE’s lame babyfaces could learn something from this. Ellering kicks his ass and chases him out of the ring, and WE’RE OUTTA TIME.

Holy god this show is great.