Nothing makes sense

Good morning,


In NXT it is widely believed that Triple H used the Paul Heyman mantra of “accentuate the positives , hide the negatives” to get NXT wrestler over. Allowing their talents and abilities to shine and thusly be believed by the audience so
that they care. Wrestler’s being booked smartly and strongly. Takeover events became a big thing, they draw great crowds and indicate that with well thought out handling and booking fans will care and spend money to see any NXT wrestler perform. NXT as a whole
in the eyes of a wrestling fan is successful.


Main Roster WWE and it’s well documented trainwreck booking style that Vince McMahon and his legion of television writers love, continues to struggle and cannot book any performer well. It has to be down to a wrestler’s own persistence,
playing politics, and natural talent to help them get cared about. And if a wrestler gets over and that isn’t in the “plan” then it must be stamped out immediately and not embraced. TV scripts change on an hourly basis. Nothing is organised or interesting
for any period longer than 10 minutes.


When a WWE wrestler fails in the eye of the fan, let’s say Bayley for example, who is to blame? Rusev has to beg on social media to get booked at Wrestlemania, who is to blame? What even is modern WWE, where Vince McMahon earns insane amount
of money without needing well booked (or even averagely booked) wrestling? Wrestlemania draws insane crowd number on the hope of something good will take place, fans have to cross their fingers and pray the show will be fun yet still give Vince money. Are
we all crazy?