Braun Stroman and the Tag Team Titles?

 Where do you think they're going with Braun Stroman winning a tag team battle royal to earn a shot at the Raw Tag Team Titles at W.M.?  I just can't see them having him take on the Bar by himself and win the titles, and/or win/lose by DQ or count-out or some other mess.  Then again as hot as his act is, I can't see them saddling him with a partner and winning or losing at 'Mania.  What do you think?

Three clear choices:

1.  Braun picks Curt Hawkins as a partner just to fuck with the Bar, ends Hawkins' losing streak at Wrestlemania, comedy ensues.

2.  Braun destroys the Bar by himself for a bit, but gets mildly inconvenienced, at which point Elias tags himself in, wins the titles to look like a complete dick.  Comedy ensues.

3.  Braun just wins them by himself and they come up with something later.

I think that Braun walks out with the belts no matter what, though.  I don't see any other payoff.