Warrior’s opponents in his run as champion

Hi Scott,

Long time reader with a question on the Ultimate Warrior's (doomed) run as champion. 

I know hindsight is 20-20 and all but why did Vince stray from the Hogan model of "monster over-sized heel" and instead pair him off against the likes of Rick Rude and Mr Perfect for PPV and house show runs? 

Surely it seemed obvious that the man who just cleanly pinned Hulk Hogan wouldn't draw in a feud with someone he'd already cleanly beaten the previous year (Rude) and someone who was a "smaller" guy like Perfect. Yet Hogan goes straight into the Earthquake feud which again seemed to do well? I know Hogan needed the time off for movies but was there seriously no consideration given to handing Warrior the Earthquake programme or when they realised plan A wasn't working revert to an emergency monster heel?

​There really wasn't. Ultimately the plan was to go back to Hogan anyway, so they wanted to make sure he was still strong.  That being said, the bafflingly low quality of Warrior's post-Mania opponents has long been cited as the main reason he flopped, but outside of Earthquake, who else was there?  Realistically, if you're looking at the toys in Vince's toybox at that point, the options were very limited.  Maybe Warlord and/or Barbarian?  I legit don't know who the answer would have been.​