2017 Observer Awards

Definitely a year of no surprises in any major category for the Observer awards, which came out this morning.


  • Wrestler of the Year: Okada
  • Most Outstanding Wrestler: Okada
  • Match of the Year:  Okada v. Omega (1/4 Tokyo, the six star classic, although two more placed in the top 10)
  • Feud of the Year:  Okada v. Omega
  • Tag team of the year:  The Young Bucks
  • Best Show of the Year:  Wrestlekingdom 11 1/4/17
  • Worst Show of the Year:  WWE Battleground (the category was basically all WWE shows from last year)
  • Worst Feud:  Bray Wyatt v. Randy Orton
  • Worst Match:  Bray Wyatt v. Randy Orton (Wrestlemania, although House of Horrors finished second)
  • Worst Gimmick:  Bray Wyatt
  • Most Improved:  Braun Strowman
  • Most Underrated:  Rusev
  • Most Overrated:  Jinder Mahal
  • Best Non-Wrestler:  Daniel Bryan

So there you go.  I don’t even remember Battleground but it’s a July PPV so I’m sure it sucked.