WWF WrestleMania VII

March 24, 1991

From the Los Angeles Sports Arena in Los Angeles, CA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan


Willie Nelson starts off the show by singing “America the Beautiful.”


Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes out next, dressed like Uncle Sam, to run down some of top matches on the card. And take Heenan’s place on commentary for the opening match.


Haku & Barbarian w/ Bobby Heenan vs. The Rockers

Duggan is on commentary with Gorilla for this match. Gorilla brings up Heenan’s claims of his men winning in a minute. Haku and Shawn start things off. Haku catches Shawn in a bearhug then drives him into the corner. Shawn slips out of a slam attempt then hits a flying shoulder tackle after an Irish whip sequence. The Rockers hit a few double-team moves on Haku but Barbarian flattens them with a double clothesline. The Rockers fight back and clear the ring as Heenan regroups with his men. Things settle down as The Barbarian beats on Marty. Shawn then assists Marty with a hurricarana as that gets two. Haku tags and chops Marty hard. Marty tries for another hurricarana but the ref stops Shawn from assisting and that allows Barbarian to use an assisted hotshot. Barbarian hits a press slam then cheap shots Shawn. Haku & Barbarian cut off the ring. Haku hits a pair of backbreakers then tags Barbarian, who covers for two. Barbarian clotheslines Marty then applies a bearhug. Shawn rallies the crowd behind his partner but Barbarian catches Marty with a powerslam. Barbarian heads up top but misses a splash as both men are down. They tag out as Shawn runs wild on Haku. The Rockers take over and knock Barbarian outside. Marty hits a missile dropkick then Shawn puts Haku away with a flying body press (10:34) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Easily the best WrestleMania opening match at this point. The Rockers did a great job against a makeshift team thrown together to do the job. Now, as I watched the pre-match interview with The Rockers and after they won, all of the focus was on Shawn. I mean the camera zoomed in on him both times. Shawn even had an uncharacteristic smirk after winning. Its been crystal clear the company views him as the star of the team.


Gene Okerlund is with the celebrity guest co-hosts of Regis Philbin, Marla Maples, and Alex Trebek. Okerlund was very good in this segment. He had a good rapport with Regis and was called “Jim” by Alex Trebek.


Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Texas Tornado 

Heenan has replaced Duggan on commentary. Bravo attacks Tornado before the bell. Tornado fights back but gets clotheslined over the top rope. Bravo heads out and hammers away as Tornado still has not removed his robe. Bravo rolls Tornado inside but whiffs on a clothesline and gets hit with an atomic drop. Tornado fires away but Bravo breaks up a claw attempt. Tornado eats boot on a charge then Bravo hits an inverted atomic drop. Bravo gets two after a pair of elbow drops then catches Tornado with a side slam but that only gets two. Bravo yells at the ref then hits Tornado with some poor excuse of a flying chop. bravo heads back to the middle rope but gets caught with the claw then put away with the Tornado punch (3:11) 1/2*.

Thoughts: For once, Bravo looked inspired. Too bad he only lasted a minute before blowing himself up. And after this Bravo ended up being phased out and was gone from the company before the end of the year. Tornado wins but again, his stock in the company has fallen.


The Warlord w/ Slick vs. British Bulldog

Looks like they have dropped Davey’s name and are just calling him the “British Bulldog.” Warlord shoves Bulldog into the corner to start. He lands a few shots but Davey fights back then runs him over as Warlord bails. Back inside, Warlord counters a crucifix with a Samoan drop. Warlord then hits a few elbow drops for a two count. Warlord hammers away in the corner then catches Bulldog in a bearhug. The fans get behind Bulldog as he breaks free but Warlord catches him with a hotshot. Warlord covers for two then we get a slugfest that ends with Warlord hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Warlord applies a chinlock but Bulldog eventually breaks free and fights back. Bulldog hits a dropkick then gets two with a crossbody. Bulldog tries for a piledriver but Warlord counters with a back drop then blocks a sunset flip but gets rolled up for two. Bulldog eats boot on a charge then Warlord stalks him before putting on the full nelson. Bulldog screams and yells then escapes as Warlord stares at his own hands in disbelief. Warlord tries for a powerslam but Bulldog slips out and hits a running powerslam of his own for the win (8:14) ***.

Thoughts: Really good match and the best singles match of the Warlord’s career. This was a bit shorter and wrestled at a faster pace than their match nine days prior at Madison Square Garden. Davey winning made sense as he was the one with a bigger push and had much more potential than his opponent.


Okerlund is backstage with the Nasty Boys, who blow their noses into his handkerchief. Next, the Hart Foundation are with Sean Mooney and vow to hold on to the Tag Team Titles as they say the Nasty Boys are “scum” who do not have what it takes to become champions.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: The Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Hart Foundation (c)

Macauley Culkin is shown watching in the crowd. Sags cheap shots Bret then hammers away. Bret comes back with a Thesz Press and some mounted punches. Bret then punches Knobbs through the ropes before working over Sags. Knobbs tags in this time and jaws at Neidhart so Bret tags out. Neidhart beats on Knobbs then knocks him outside as the crowd is loving the Hart Foundation. Neidhart escapes after getting trapped in the corner then tags out as Bret beats on Sags. Bret his a leg sweep and an elbow drop from the middle rope. Knobbs runs in and gets beat down but is able to clothesline Bret from behind. Sags knocks Bret outside then Neidhart chases Jimmy Hart away. The announcers talk about the Hogan/Slaughter match as Sags gets two after a backbreaker. Sags then works a chinlock as the crowd gets behind Bret. Knobbs tags in and puts on a chinlock of his own. The Nasties continue to cut off the ring, mainly using chinlocks as the action has slowed down considerably but the crowd is still invested. Bret hits Sags with a neckbreaker but Knobbs tags in and decks Neidhart off of the apron to prevent a tag. Bret drops Knobbs but Sags prevents another tag. Bret avoids a corner splash then knocks Sags down before tagging out but the ref was distracted. Jimmy tosses Knobbs the megaphone but Bret ducks and Sags gets hit. Neidhart tags in and takes care of both guys. The match breaks down now with the Nasties colliding then the Hart Foundation set up for the Hart Attack but the ref yells at Bret to get back on the apron and as that happens, Sags whacks Neidhart with the helmet and Knobbs covers for the win as we have new champions (12:10) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Another really good tag team match. The Hart Foundation lost and this was to start Bret’s singles push while Neidhart joined commentary on “Wrestling Challenge” before going off on his own. According to Bret, he was supposed to feud Mr. Perfect after this show but refused because he knew it would result in him losing.


We get a video package of the Jake Roberts/Rick Martel feud. After that a promo from Jake airs where the camera zooms in on his eye as he talks about always doing better in the dark.


Blindfold Match: “The Model” Rick Martel vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Both men have the hoods placed over their faces. Jake keeps pointing and uses the crowd noise to guide him to Martel but is unsuccessful. Martel is crawling around then Jake drops down and tries to go after him. Martel trips over Jake, who covers for two, but is able to land a few shots. Martel Irish whips Jake, who sidesteps him as Martel is frustrated. Jake tries to grab Martel but is caught in a slam. Martel is pissed after missing an elbow drop as both guys are back to using the ropes to guide themselves. Martel corners the ref and thinks it Jake but he realizes its not Jake after grabbing a shirt. Martel crawls around again then gets up but Jake takes him down. The ref breaks them up as they are in the ropes then the crowd chants for the DDT. Martel accidentally touches the snake bag and freaks out but soon after that Martel knocks Jake through the ropes. Martel heads out and tries to find Jake as he is poking around with a chair but Jake has slipped back inside. Martel backs into the post and swings the chair but hurts himself in the process. Jake drags Martel inside but gets caught in a backbreaker. Martel tries for the Boston Crab but Jake escapes then Martel backs into Jake and gets hit with the DDT for the win (8:33) *. After the match, Jake stomps Martel’s Arrogance. Jake then grabs Damien and tries to put it around Martel’s neck but Martel was able to escape.

Thoughts: And this is the end of the once hot TV feud. The match concept itself was not very exciting to watch but the end was what it should have been with Martel taking his vision for granted and being too cocky to realize the match stipulation. According to Jake, Martel was petrified of performing this match. Jake said he told Martel it would be their easiest pay day and that they did not even break a sweat during the match. It was also rumored at the time that Jake was asking to turn heel once this program ended. Martel said at this time he was feeling depressed because his sister died at the beginning of the month and decided he wanted to be closer to his family. He gave his notice and worked the TV Tapings a few days later, only to come back at the end of the year.


Gorilla hypes the “Titan’s Hot Ticket” PPV highlighting WrestleMania’s best moments.


We see the Nasty Boys and Jimmy Hart celebrating with champagne backstage. The Mountie, Dino Bravo, and Earthquake come in to join as Maples is unable to get anyone for an interview because of the excessive celebrating.


“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

Undertaker beats on Snuka in the corner. He then hits a flying clothesline and gets some cheers before choking out Snuka in the corner. Snuka gets knocked outside after a big boot then Bearer holds up the urn and nods in approval. Undertaker suplexes Snuka back inside as Heenan asks if we’ve ever seen Snuka dominated like this before. Snuka lands some chops and a headbutt but it has little effect. Undertaker ducks a crossbody as Snuka bounces off of the top rope and dumps outside. Snuka fights back from the apron but Undertaker catches a springboard splash then as to put him down before hitting the Tombstone for the win (4:19) 3/4*. Finish was supposed to have been Undertaker hitting the Tombstone after catching Snuka but it did not work out as Snuka did not have enough height with his springboard.

Thoughts: The match wasn’t any good but it was properly booked with Undertaker getting a decisive win as he is very likely going to be feuding with the Ultimate Warrior. Speaking of the Undertaker, he was getting cheers during the match. This is also the start of his WrestleMania winning streak.


We see highlights of the Randy Savage/Ultimate Warrior feud.


Career vs. Career Match: “Macho King” Randy Savage w/ Queen Sherri vs. Ultimate Warrior

The camera shows Elizabeth sitting in the crowd as she sees Savage & Sherri getting carried out on their thrones. The camera shows Warrior’s knee pads, one with Savage’s face and the other his own face as he we get another shot of a worried Elizabeth. The crowd chants for Warrior as the two men get in each other’s faces. Warrior beats his chest after shoving Savage down. Savage fights back and rakes the eyes but Warrior fights back. Warrior drops Savage then Sherri runs in and that backfires as she is sent back outside after Warrior tossed Savage. Savage clotheslines Warrior then heads up top but Warrior catches his crossbody and put Savage down on his feet and slaps his face. Savage heads outside and paces around before tossing a chair inside. The ref grabs the chair as Savage blindsides Warrior. Heenan puts over how great the match has been as Warrior fights back. Warrior beats on Savage but misses a corner splash and spills outside. Sherri takes a shot at Warrior then Savage flies out with a double axe handle. Sherri starts raking Warrior’s eyes but gets shoved down. Savage runs out to attack Warrior from behind then sends him into the post. Back inside, they fight over a backslide as Warrior wins that battle and gets a two count. Savage backs into the corner then spits at Warrior before bailing. Savage tries a sneak attack but Warrior was ready. Warrior sets up for the flying shoulder tackle but Savage moved out of the way then covered for two. Savage applies a chinlock as Sherri is going nuts in slapping the apron. Warrior escapes then both men clothesline each other and drop to the mat. Sherri is reaching into the ring and shaking Savage as the camera catches her backside. Savage is up first but Warrior puts him in a small package that the ref did not see because of Sherri’s distraction. Warrior gets pissed but Savage hits Warrior from behind with a high knee and into the referee. Sherri heads up top with her shoe and tries to hit Warrior but he moved away and Savage is hit instead. Warrior chases Sherri around but Savage sneaks up from behind and gets two with a school boy. Savage yanks Warrior into the corner by his tights and takes control. The camera shows Elizabeth once again then Savage gets two after a scoop slam. Savage heads up top and hits the flying elbow drop. Instead of covering he heads up again while Sherri celebrates and hits another elbow drop. Savage is back up one more time while the ref yells at him and hits another one then goes back up for a fourth elbow. Heenan screams that Savage is the winner as hits a fifth elbow but Warrior is just able to kick out as Savage is shocked. Savage yells at the ref then starts hammering away on the back but Warrior pumps up and shakes the ropes. Warrior then runs wild and signals for the press slam as Elizabeth is still worried. Warrior hits Savage with a press slam then follows with the splash and covers but Savage is able to kick out as Warrior is now the one in disbelief, staring up at the ceiling then looking at his hands. Warrior is up and staring at his hands and talks to them while standing on the apron. Meanwhile, Savage is able to pull himself up and knock Warrior off of the apron. Savage then has Sherri hold Warrior’s neck over the guardrail and heads up top but Warrior shoved Sherri away then hit Savage in midair. Warrior tosses Savage inside then knocks him back out with a flying shoulder tackle then tosses him back in only to repeat the move a few more times then covers with one foot and raises his arms and gets the win (20:46) ****1/2. Sherri is in absolute shock then Warrior grabs his coat and puts it on before celebrating in the ring. Sherri is now screaming and crying then heads inside after Warrior leaves. Sherri tosses the ref outside then starts yelling at Savage. Sherri now starts kicking Savage as we see Elizabeth get out of her seat. Sherri is still flipping out as Elizabeth has had enough and hops the guardrail and heads towards the ring. Elizabeth yanks Sherri outside and tosses her through the ropes. She heads towards Savage, who keeps brushing her away as he thinks its Sherri, but stops when he sees its Elizabeth. Sherri is yelling at Savage on the outside as the announcers correctly point out how the whole crowd is on their feet. Elizabeth is crying as the crowd so wants them to reconcile then the two hug as the crowd explodes. The camera cuts to fans crying in the crowd then Elizabeth hold the ropes for Savage, who declines and holds the ropes open for her as she leaves while Heenan yells about Savage turning into a “softie.” Savage celebrates in the ring as Gorilla says that while he lost the match, he gained something more valuable.

Thoughts: As far as the match goes, it was tremendous. According to Sherri, Savage faxed 29 pages of notes of their match to Warrior right before the show. The storytelling was superb and both guys busted their ass, especially Savage who was taking all sorts of wild bumps. For those watching TV at the time (or reading my recaps) it was clear Warrior was winning then moving on to feud with The Undertaker. Luckily, they threw us a surprise by having Elizabeth reunite with Savage in what I consider the greatest post-match segments in wrestling history. Heenan was great in his role as color commentator too. The best example of sports entertainment the WWE has ever produced.


Okerlund is backstage and says what we just saw was the most touching thing he has ever seen. After that, he leads us into the Instant Replay Debate. We cut to Vince McMahon, sporting a blue suit with the WWF logo inside of the Event Center. They show the end of the Royal Rumble title match as the reason we are having the debate then cut to George Steinbrenner and Paul McGuire. Steinbrenner is on board but if a replay official takes more than sixty seconds to make a call he should be fired on the spot as Vince is surprised. McGuire says he just wants to see the wrestlers wrestle and that the idea of replay is “crap.” McGuire calls Steinbrenner a “butthead” and pretends to say he did not as Steinbrenner retaliates by saying McGuire was just a punter, not even a real player. Vince gives us a replay of whether or not McGuire called him a butthead as The Bushwhackers, wearing referee shirts, try to make a ruling but end up ruining the tape and get caught up as it was ruled as inconclusive. Man, this was one awful attempt at satire. A painfully unfunny segment. For some reason (well, guessing its because it sucked and the show was long) this is not included on the “Coliseum Home Video” release or on the WWE Network version of the show.


A slow motion replay of Savage lifting Elizabeth on his shoulders is shown before we get a five minute intermission.


Back from break, Heenan tells Gorilla he’d “rather have money than a skirt” in reference to Savage reuniting with Elizabeth.


Regis tries to interview Undertaker & Bearer but they stay silent and measure him instead. You know, for a coffin. After that, Trebek is with Demolition & Mr. Fuji. Demolition tells Trebek that Mr. Fuji is the one with all of the answers. We cut back to Regis as he is with Tenryu & Kitao, who do not speak English thus unable to answer his questions. Regis names off a few Japanese cars as the two nod before asking for Kathie Lee. Regis then points out and identifies each guy since a majority of the fans have no clue as to who they are. Back to Trebek, who runs away scared when Jake is with Damien. The camera cuts back to the announcers as Heenan gloats over setting up those segments with the producers and makes fun of Regis & Trebek for being lousy celebrities. A segment to utilize the celebrities. Regis did a decent enough job I thought. Trebek was generic.


Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Tenryu & Kitao

The camera shows Japanese fans in the crowd as Heenan jokingly refers to one of them as a “big fortune cookie.” Demolition use a sneak attack to start. Kitao tries to fight back against Crush but gets hit by Fuji’s cane while the ref was distracted. Smash tags and hits Kitao with a back suplex as Demolition stays in control. Kitao fights back with a clothesline then tags out as Tenryu runs wild. Gorilla says that Tenryu’s the most popular wrestler in Japan but Tenryu misses a flying back elbow drop. Demolition now cuts off the ring then Kitao runs in to break up a Decapitation in a terrible spot. Tenryu & Kitao clear the ring then Tenryu puts Smash away with a powerbomb (4:43) DUD.

Thoughts: Heading into the PPV this was the least hyped match and it ended up being the worst. Demolition was cooked as an act and Kitao was horrible so not only did no one care but it sucked to watch. A match made because of the WWF/SWS shows that were running in Japan a week later.


Okerlund is with Big Bossman, who tells Heenan he mowed down everyone in his family except for Mr. Perfect. Bossman promises to make a perfect example of crime not paying. Next, we cut to Sean Mooney as he’s with Heenan & Perfect. Heenan then mocks the LAPD over the Rodney King incident then states Perfect will remain champion.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Big Bossman vs. Mr. Perfect (c) w/ Bobby Heenan

Lord Alfred Hayes has replaced Heenan on commentary. Perfect taunts Bossman by tossing his towel at him but Bossman wipes it on his backstage and throws it back. Perfect bails after slapping Bossman but gloats and Bossman decks him. Back inside, Bossman twirls Perfect around by his hair. Bossman slides outside and comes in to take down Perfect as he shows off his agility. Perfect gets tossed outside then Bossman beats him down some more. Heenan distracts Bossman while Perfect wraps something around his fist. Perfect punches Bossman then stomps away. They slug it out but Perfect boots Bossman and whips him into the corner. Perfect works an abdominal stretch for a bit then follows with a dropkick that gets two. Perfect hits a few chops in the corner and then uses a neck snap but Bossman counters a Perfect Plex attempt with a small package as that gets two. Perfect then hits another neck snap while Bossman was on his knees and that looked painful. He heads up top but Bossman got his foot up as Heenan is shocked. Bossman then tosses Perfect around as Perfect takes some insane bumps. He crotches Perfect against the post then sends him over the top rope with an uppercut. Bossman goes after Heenan but Perfect sends him into the steps as Heenan lands a few kicks. Andre the Giant now comes out to ringside and sees Heenan, who backs away. Andre takes the belt and slowly goes after Heenan. Perfect tries to take the belt away but ends up getting hit as both men are down. Bossman sits up first then is shocked to see Andre at ringside. Bossman covers but Perfect kicks out then Haku & Barbarian run out and beat down Bossman for the DQ (10:45) **1/2. Andre ends up cleaning house then raises Bossman’s arm in the aisle after the Heenan Family bailed.

Thoughts: This match was solid until the finish. Having the DQ after Perfect kicked out was lame. The big story was Andre once again appearing but this time he went after the Heenan Family. It seemed clear to me after the last time we saw Andre (WrestleMania VI) where he destroyed Haku & Heenan before leaving by himself that he was done with the Heenan Family but they played it up as if he was still part of them. Bossman also got Andre’s endorsement then went on to feud with The Mountie. Andre would appear a few more times throughout the year but the poor guy could barely move, making the beat down sad to watch.


Okerlund is in the crowd with Donald Trump, who says he loves the show. Trump also said another WrestleMania would be returning to Atlantic City soon. We then see Henry Winkler & Chuck Norris in the crowd as Norris shakes Trump’s hand and talks about watching Gorgeous George & Argentina Rocca. Lou Ferrigno then comes out to talk about how entertaining the show has been.


Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

Earthquake beats on Valentine in the corner. He then hits a powerslam that gets two as the announcers talk about how long it takes for Valentine to get warmed up. Valentine fights back and hits some chops in the corner while Heenan says Andre the Giant will have to answer to the family, even claiming that they are friends. Valentine lands some more chops then heads to the middle rope and hits an elbow smash to finally drop Earthquake. Valentine signals for the figure four but gets distracted by Hart. He softens up the leg then Hart jumps up on the apron but Earthquake attacks from behind. Earthquake drops an elbow then hits the sit-down splash for the win (3:17) *. After the match, Valentine was able to roll away from the After Shock.

Thoughts: I don’t think the outcome was ever in question. According to Valentine, this match was originally scheduled to go 12 minute but got cut down at the last minute. Valentine said he got so pissed he almost walked out because he did not want to look like a “jabroni” by losing so quickly. Anyway, Valentine was being phased out of the company while Earthquake would move on to another feud.


Mooney is with the Legion of Doom. They promise that Power & Glory will pay for costing them the Battle Royal and after this will be on to get the Nasty Boys.


Power & Glory w/ Slick vs. Legion of Doom

No entrance for Power & Glory. Roma’s elbow is heavily taped up and there is a reason for that. Power & Glory attack LoD from behind but Hawk takes them down with a double clothesline. Hercules and Hawk slug it out on the outside but in the ring, Animal catches Roma with a powerslam then the LoD hit the Doomsday Device for the win (0:58) DUD.

Thoughts: The reason for this finish is due to the fact both members of Power & Glory were hurt. Hercules tore his groin the night before and Roma stated he was told not to wrestle by the doctor because there was a chance he could lose his arm if his elbow got hit. Roma said he told this to Vince, who made Roma wrestle anyway. Roma also stated this match was supposed to be about twenty minutes but since they were hurt that was not possible.


Another plug for the “Hot Ticket” PPV. Gorilla said in May will be “WrestleMania History & Heroes.”


Highlights of the Ted DiBiase/Virgil feud are shown.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase vs. Virgil w/ Roddy Piper

Piper heads out Virgil then introduces Virgil, who has the full support of the crowd. He is also wearing boxing shorts. DiBiase jaws at Piper but walks into a few jabs. DiBiase bails after Virgil punches him down again then returns but does not fare any better and heads out for another breather. Piper shakes Virgil’s hand then has some words for DiBiase. Virgil slingshots DiBiase back inside and sends him out with a clothesline. Back inside, DiBiase boots Virgil and hits a clothesline. Virgil fights back as DiBiase gets frustrated and heads back outside to regroup. Heenan keeps insulting Virgil for being a moron as DiBiase returns. Virgil takes DiBiase down after a go behind but DiBiase responds with a drop toehold. DiBiase slams Virgil’s head off of the mat then chops away in the corner. DiBiase gets a two count with a piledriver as Heenan plugs the WrestleMania party this Tuesday on “Prime Time Wrestling” from Caesar’s Palace. DiBiase hits a few suplexes but cannot put Virgil away so he tosses him outside in front of Piper. DiBiase chops Virgil a few times then shoves down Piper. Back inside, DiBiase hits a powerslam as Piper is shown trying to pull himself up while Heenan is laughing. Piper then uses the crutch to low bridge DiBiase, who responds by beating on Piper. DiBiase then boots Piper from the apron but ends up getting counted out (7:37) **.  Virgil tries to go out and help Piper but DiBiase attacks from behind. The bell rings as DiBiase locks on the Million Dollar Dream. Piper heads inside and whacks DiBiase with his crutch but now Sherri is out. Sherri grabs the crutch and that allows DiBiase to attack Piper. DiBiase uses the crutch to attack the leg as Heenan is in all his glory over Piper getting hurt. Virgil is able to get up and take the crutch away as DiBiase & Sherri bail. Piper is on the mat frustrated then Virgil grabs the mic and tells him to get up, encouraging him the same way Piper did in breaking away from DiBiase. Piper then gets up and hugs Virgil as Gorilla says this is what friendship is all about. Virgil helps Piper backstage.

Thoughts: The match was alright but it was designed to continue the Virgil/DiBiase feud. Plus, they now seem to have a new role for Sherri as DiBiase’s manager. The post-match stuff was quite good though and the Piper & Virgil pairing has been working out well.


Highlights of the Hogan/Slaughter feud are shown. Mooney is now with Slaughter & Gen. Adnan as he addresses the “Pukeamaniacs” before declaring himself the ruler of the WWF. We are shown some examples of “Slaughter’s Rules” as Slaughter says he might even get disqualified or counted out because while Hogan can win a battle, he’ll never win the war.


The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Tito Santana

Tito hits a flying forearm off of an Irish whip sequence. He then heads out and uses a double noggin-knocker before rolling Mountie back inside. Tito hits an atomic drop then as Mountie grabs onto the apron, the ref tries to get Tito to back off but during that Hart slips Mountie the cattle prod and he uses that for the win (1:20) 1/4*.

Thoughts: A squash to put over The Mountie and a subpar one at that. It was also used to cool down the crowd before the main event. Tito was another person being phased out but he would end up undergoing a gimmick change in a few months.


Okerlund is with Hogan. He asks Hogan about Slaughter saying he’ll leave as champion. Hogan responds by saying he is using new technology and its the “Hulkster of 1991.” Hogan said Slaughter has no idea about his secret battle plans. We are shown a clip of Slaughter attacking Hogan during the “Road to WrestleMania” special as Hogan said Slaughter will have to tear the heart out of America before leaving as champion.


Finkel introduces the celebrity co-hosts.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Sgt. Slaughter (c) w/ Gen Adnan vs. Hulk Hogan

Hogan comes out with an American flag bandana while holding an actual flag. Hogan chases Slaughter and Adnan around the ring before the match. Things finally settle down and we begin the match. They fight over a lockup and end up in the corner. They shove the ref away and continue to struggle until Slaughter is pushed down. Hogan grabs a headlock then knocks Slaughter down again. He heads out to beat on Slaughter but Adnan attacks from behind. Hogan goes after Adnan and Slaughter hits him with a chair but Hogan isn’t phased and chases Slaughter back inside. Slaughter thumbs Hogan in the eye then goes to work in the corner. Heenan says Slaughter will be on “Prime Time Wrestling” this Tuesday as Slaughter drives his knee into Hogan. There is a reason they’re hyping up “Prime Time Wrestling” besides the move to Tuesday nights. Regis gets on Heenan for wanting Hogan to lose as Heenan says he just hates him because of the fact Hogan never gave his guys title shots. Hogan fights back and hits a few clotheslines then gets a nearfall with an atomic drop. Hogan follows Slaughter outside and rakes his back before taking the match back in the ring. Hogan drops Slaughter and stays in control as Slaughter takes all sorts of bumps. Hogan tries to come off the middle rope and gets decked but fights right back. Hogan drops a pair of elbow drops after a slam and goes up top but Adnan grabs his leg and that allows Slaughter to toss Hogan off. Slaughter clotheslines Hogan over the top rope then goes out and rams him into the post. Slaughter whacks Hogan in the back with a chair and stays on the attack. He chokes out Hogan with the camera cord then heads inside. Slaughter targets the back and gets two with a backbreaker. Slaughter stomps away then uses a Boston Crab. Slaughter thinks he has won but the ref puts his hand down so Slaughter goes back to work on Hogan’s back. Slaughter now heads up top and hits a flying stomp on the back but Adnan is on the apron for some reason and is distracting the referee from making the pin. Slaughter only ends up getting two then grabs a chair and whacks Hogan in the face and that gets two as Hogan is busted wide open. Slaughter hammers away then hits a clothesline before putting on the Camel’s Clutch. Slaughter breaks the hold to soften up Hogan some more and re-applies. Hogan slowly gets to his feet but Slaughter runs him into the corner. Slaughter drapes the Iraqi flag over Hogan and covers but only gets two then Hogan hulks up. Hogan rips the flag then starts going mental before firing away. He catches Slaughter with a big boot then drops the leg for the win (20:23) ***. Heenan says Hogan did it for the WWF and the USA as the crowd erupts. Gorilla claims this is the most memorable nights in PPV history. Hogan closes out the show by celebrating as Gorilla says this is the largest audience in PPV history.

Thoughts: I liked this match. It started off slow but kept the crowd invested. However, the outcome was never in doubt and the ending was anticlimactic. The crowd went nuts for the finish but they were never going to run the type of angle they did to have Hogan lose.


Final Thoughts: The first half of this show was excellent but there wasn’t much after Warrior/Savage until the main event. Despite all of the filler its easily the 2nd best WrestleMania to date. The Savage/Warrior match and what happened afterwards is one of the greatest segments in company history and definitely worth a watch.



Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Thursday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 3/26/91

Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 3/30/91

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 6/30/83

Sunday: SWS/WWF Wrestle Fest 3/30/91

Monday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/31/91

Tuesday: SWS/WWF Wrestle Dream 4/1/91

Wednesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/6/91