Question regarding the worst.

Hi Scott, we all know Dino Bravo is the worst, bit where does Jimmy Valiant rank on that list.  I've been watching a bunch of 80's N.W.A.  and I have to say I find Jimmy worse than Dino with his twitchy selling, twitchy offense and just twitching
when standing there.  I've seen Bravo matches that are passable but with J.V.  I haven't seen one yet.
​Really?  You should check out some of his Memphis stuff.  His NWA character was pretty different and mostly the one minute squashes were just his TV gimmick, and his house show and arena stuff tended to be a lot better.  He was always really good at timing comebacks and selling as a babyface.  He was also pretty good in the 70s as a Superstar Graham knockoff.  ​I have no major issues with him as a worker.