The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–12.19.81

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 12.19.81

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Ted Dibiase

Since these shows are really close to the Mid-Atlantic ones, I’m just gonna catch up to Mid-Atlantic (January 82) and then alternate between them.

Bryan Blair v. Tom Renesto Jr.

Blair works the arm to start as Dibiase is immediately much less enthused than Ernie Ladd was last week. Blair is just working that arm like no one’s business, but Renesto rights out and the poor guy’s shoulder straps are falling down on a criss-cross. WARDROBE MALFUNCTION. Backdrop gets two, as apparently pulling down the strap even works for jobbers. Blair gets all fired up, however, and gets an elbow off the middle rope for two, then pretty much deadlifts him with a suplex and finishes with a figure-four at 4:55. “That should be it, Boyd. Yup, that’s the fall.” Dibiase is truly Mr. Excitement. 0 for 1.

Precious Paul Ellering is back from an injury, and he’s doing the most blatant ripoff of Superstar Graham crossed with, like, Austin Idol, and it’s just amazingly terrible. I can’t even do it justice. I award it a point for even existing. I mean, can you picture PAUL ELLERING as a jive talkin’ ladies man? And yet here it is. 1 for 2.

Precious Paul Ellering v. Don Cerrano

Judging by Ellering’s body here, I’m assuming the injury he suffered was due to his heart exploding from steroids. Paul hits Cerrano with a knee to the gut and drops an elbow on him, and finishes with a neckbreaker at 2:43. He was definitely better off as a manager. 1 for 3.

Junkyard Dog v. Mike Boyer

JYD is now Louisiana champion, having won the title from Great Kabuki a couple of weeks back. Dog slugs away on Boyer and sends him to the apron with a headbutt. Back in, the Thump finishes at 2:08. Nice little squash. 2 for 4.

Paul Orndorff & Bob Orton v. Carlos Zapata & The Monk

Orndorff and Orton work on Zapata in the corner while we get references to the Iranian hostage crisis, so you know it’s 1981. Orndorff slams Zapata and drops fists on him and Orton puts him down with a forearm, then cuts off the tag so that the Monk is unable to save his partner. Zapata fights back with a sunset flip on Orndorff, but again the heels prevent the poor jobbers from tagging. Orton takes Zapata down with an STO for two and a very nice dropkick, and then Orndorff adds his own for two. Finally Orndorff misses a charge and it’s HOT TAG MONK. And then Orndorff just destroys him with a kneelift and they finish him with a middle rope elbow into a figure-four at 4:37. That was for Ted Dibiase, you see. I love that they were being dicks and cutting off the ring, even with jobbers. 3 for 5.

Bob Roop v. Mike George

Both guys were stars at this point, so I’ve got no idea which way they’re going here. They trade full nelson attempts and George rolls him up for two. Roop starts a slugfest he can’t win, and George takes him down with atomic drop as a result. Finally Roop decides to cut corners and rakes the eyes on the ropes, and goes to a chinlock. George fights out and slugs away, then rakes the eyes himself because although two wrongs don’t make a right, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. George with a legsweep for two, but a second one is blocked, so he hits a pair of dropkicks for two. Roop tosses him and tries a flying headscissors on the apron, but they both hit the floor and George hurts his arm. Back in, Roop runs the arm into the corner and follows with a high knee into it, and that gets the pin at 7:50. Good match. 4 for 6.

Ed Wiskowski v. Mike Bond

Ed slugs away in the corner and quickly finishes with the backbreaker at 1:20. 4 for 7.

Paul Ellering is back, and he’s going to accept the Persian Club challenge. So he does 50 reps, and thus Sheik has to do 100 or forfeit his $1000. But first, he is going to beat Frank Monte, and then do TWO HUNDRED reps.

The Iron Sheik v. Frank Monte

Sheik pounds away on Monte to start and tosses him, then back in for a bearhug. Monte makes a brief comeback, but Sheik hits him with a backdrop suplex for the pin at 1:52. So now Sheik has to do 200 reps, but Skandor Akbar protests that Sheik just had a “grueling match with an international star” and filibusters until the show goes off the air. But next week…he’ll have to pay.

The Pulse

What a wonderfully breezy and fun show.