Rock Star Gary reflects on WCW WrestleWar ’92

Live from Jacksonville, FL

Airdate: May 17, 1992

Attendance:  6,000

Hosted by Jim Ross & Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Who will win WarGames? Sting’s Squadron or the Dangerous Alliance? Can Z-Man beat his former tag team partner for the light heavyweight title? Who is this mysterious Super Invader? Let’s find out!

Match 1 for the WCW US tag team titles: The “Taylor Made Man” & Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (champions) versus the Freebirds


  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • As opposed to wearing wrestling tights, Garvin wore leather pants like a rock’n’roll star.
  • Valentine tagged in, but heel miscommunication ensued.
  • When Hayes rolled up Valentine, he got 2.
  • He then gave Valentine a hip toss but got nailed upon a second attempt.
  • Following an atomic drop, Hayes delivered a pair of clotheslines for another 2.
  • Garvin tagged in, but Valentine whipped him into the corner.
  • After Valentine came up empty on his follow-through, he almost fell out of the ring.
  • Taylor then distracted referee Bill Alfonso so Hayes mounted the top turnbuckle and lowered the boom on Valentine.
  • While the Jacksonville faithful chanted “D-D-T,” Taylor tagged in but missed an elbow drop.
  • The Freebirds feverishly tagged in and out until Garvin hit a cross body block for 2.
  • As Hayes tagged in, he continued to cheat with the approval of the Jacksonville faithful.
  • Taylor then tossed Hayes to the ramp, joined, but got backdropped back into the ring.
  • When Hayes delivered a back elbow, he followed with an elbow drop for 2.
  • Garvin tagged in, but Taylor tossed him down to the floor.
  • While Taylor distracted Alfonso again, Valentine leaped from the apron and gave Garvin a double axe handle.
  • Taylor then delivered a jawbreaker and tagged in Valentine.
  • After Valentine gave Garvin a cross corner whip, he ate boot on his follow-through. That resulted in a Valentine flop.
  • Hayes then distracted Alfonso while Garvin blocked and delivered a vertical suplex.
  • As Valentine attempted a splash, he ate knees.
  • Taylor tagged in, whipped Garvin into the corner, and hit a corner clothesline for 2.
  • Hot tag Hayes.
  • All four wrestlers were in the ring.
  • After Valentine reversed an Irish whip, Hayes signaled for the DDT.
  • On the other hand, Taylor hit the Five-arm.
  • Can the champs retain?
  • 1-2-NO!
  • Valentine then slammed Hayes and followed with a backbreaker for another 2.
  • While the Jacksonville faithful chanted “Free-bird,” Hayes delivered a shot into Valentine’s five-hole.
  • Taylor tagged in and gave Hayes a Doctorbomb for 2.
  • As Valentine tagged in, he hooked the figure-four leg lock on Hayes until Garvin made the save.
  • Valentine then gave Hayes a HARD cross corner whip injuring the back.
  • When Taylor tagged in, Hayes nailed him with a sharp left.
  • Hot tag Garvin.
  • After he cleaned house, Garvin rolled up Taylor for 2.
  • Taylor’s kick-out sent Garvin in Valentine’s direction and allowed Garvin to clothesline him.
  • As Garvin double-clotheslined the champs, Valentine tripped him coming off the ropes. Nefarious!
  • Taylor then hit a knee drop for 2 while Hayes made the save.
  • When Garvin hit the DDT, Hayes nailed Valentine with a sharp left.
  • 1-2-3.
  • The Jacksonville faithful ERUPTED!

Rating: ***

Summary:  Solid opener that riled up the crowd. The Freebirds are now two-time US tag team champions.

Match 2: Johnny B. Badd versus Tracy Smothers                            


  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • After a leap frog, Badd hip-tossed Smothers.
  • He then hit a cross body block for 2 while the Jacksonville faithful sought popcorn.
  • Upon dropkicking Smothers, Badd gave Smothers a cross corner whip but ate boot on his follow-through.
  • Smothers then delivered a jumping side kick for 2.
  • As Smothers mounted the top turnbuckle, he hit a flying back elbow for another 2.
  • He then leaped to an adjacent top turnbuckle and hit a cross body block.
  • While Badd used momentum to land on top, he got 2.
  • Smothers came back with another jumping side kick for 2.
  • When Badd hooked a sunset flip, he got 2.
  • Smothers then attempted a slam, but Badd countered with an inside cradle for 2.
  • After Smothers leap-frogged him, Badd caught him with a high knee.
  • He then face-planted Smothers and followed with a powerslam.
  • As he mounted the top turnbuckle, Badd hooked another sunset flip for 2.
  • Smothers then missed a third jumping side kick, and Badd nailed him with the kiss that don’t miss.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Badd won.

Rating: *1/2

Summary:  Smothers wasn’t the type of heel that Badd needed to get over. The Young Pistols have split up, because Steve Armstrong embarked upon a short stint in the WWF.

Backstage, Missy Hyatt interviews the NEW US tag champs with the reappearance of Precious. Hayes then dedicates the Freebirds’ victory to Ronnie Van Zant of Jacksonville’s own Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Match 3: Marcus Alexander Bagwell versus Scotty Flamingo


  • For those unaware, Scotty Flamingo later became known as Raven.
  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • After each wrestler exchanged slaps, Flamingo tossed Bagwell down to the floor.
  • They then slapped each other some more until Bagwell nailed Flamingo.
  • Upon giving Flamingo a pair of cross corner whips, Bagwell delivered a belly-to-back suplex for 2.
  • Flamingo then attempted a vertical suplex, but Bagwell blocked it and hooked one of his own for another 2.
  • Again, Flamingo tossed Bagwell down to the floor. Bagwell returned, rolled him up, but couldn’t get 3.
  • As Bagwell missed a clothesline, Flamingo hit his own belly-to-back suplex.
  • He then mounted the second turnbuckle and delivered a fist drop for 2.
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  • When Bagwell leap-frogged Flamingo, both wrestlers spilled over the top rope to the floor.
  • They returned, and Bagwell face-planted Flamingo.
  • Upon hip-tossing Flamingo, Bagwell clotheslined him.
  • Flamingo then reversed a cross corner whip but ate a back elbow.
  • After Bagwell mounted the second turnbuckle, he delivered a double axe handle.
  • He then hooked a fisherman’s suplex, but Flamingo put his foot on the bottom rope.
  • As Flamingo reversed a cross corner whip, Bagwell rolled him up for 2.
  • Flamingo then reversed the rollup with his own and hooked the tights.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Flamingo won.

Rating: **

Summary:  Although Flamingo had more experience, the match lacked intensity, and the Jacksonville faithful didn’t react to it whatsoever.

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Ross and Ventura discuss the upcoming tag match. We then revisit SuperBrawl II when JYD saved Simmons’ bacon by chasing off Cactus Jack and Abdullah the Butcher.

Match 4: Ron Simmons & Junkyard Dog versus Mr. Hughes & Cactus Jack


  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • As Cactus made his entrance, he immediately went backstage.
  • While JYD trailed Simmons to the ring, Cactus nailed him from behind. SNEAKY!
  • He then attempted a double axe handle from the ramp to the floor, but JYD nailed him in the midsection.
  • When JYD brawled with him on the floor, Cactus rammed him into the elevated ramp.
  • With JYD lying prone on the concrete floor, Cactus jumped up on the ramp and hit the Cactus elbow.
  • Simmons then came to JYD’s rescue and backdropped Cactus on the ramp.
  • After referee Mike Adkins checked on JYD, Simmons yelled for some medical attention.
  • I guess this became a singles match as Hughes will face Simmons.
  • As Simmons returned to the ring, he double-clotheslined the heels.
  • He then received a cross corner whip from Hughes and exploded from the corner with a clothesline.
  • When Hughes reversed an Irish whip, Simmons countered a hip toss with one of his own.
  • Ventura then name-dropped Bill Watts in regards to Oklahoma football. Hmmm…I wonder what he’s up to these days.
  • After Hughes clotheslined Simmons, he followed with an elbow drop for 2.
  • He then slammed Simmons and delivered a knee drop for another 2.
  • As he gave Simmons a cross corner whip, Hughes ate a back elbow on his follow-through.
  • Simmons then hooked a sunset flip for 2.
  • When Hughes distracted referee Bill Alfonso, Cactus gave Simmons the business. How dastardly!
  • Simmons then reversed an Irish whip and hip-tossed Hughes.
  • While Hughes attempted a running guillotine, he came up empty.
  • Simmons then clotheslined and backdropped him.
  • After he reversed another Irish whip, Simmons delivered a spinebuster.
  • Cactus came in, but Simmons shoulder-blocked him out of the ring.
  • When he hit Hughes with a three-point stance tackle, Simmons pinned him.
  • Simmons won.

Rating: *1/2

Summary:  Not exactly sure why JYD didn’t wrestle, but he no-showed Savannah three nights earlier so this may have been his punishment. As it is, the Simmons push continues.

Match 5: Super Invader (w/ Harley Race) versus Todd Champion


  • For those unaware, Super Invader was portrayed by Ray Fernandez a.k.a. Hercules.
  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • After a clothesline, Super Invader delivered an elbow drop.
  • He then gave Champion a HARD cross corner whip injuring the back.
  • As Super Invader delivered a sidewalk slam, he followed with a belly-to-back suplex.
  • Shortly after, he hit another clothesline and tossed Champion outside the ring. In the process, Champion tasted the steel railing. It must have tasted like the Fat Julian at Kickbacks.
  • From the apron, Super Invader leaped and nailed Champion with a forearm smash.
  • He then slammed Champion on the floor.
  • Back in the ring, Super Invader slammed him again, mounted the top turnbuckle, leaped, but ate boot.
  • Champion then flubbed a flying back elbow so they repeated the spot.
  • When Champion made a second attempt, Super Invader guillotined him with the top rope.
  • He then powerbombed Champion.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Super Invader won.

Rating: ½*

Summary:  Showcase match for Super Invader. Are you like me and find it peculiar that he used the same maneuver that he no-sold for Sid in his last WWF match (aired 3/23, taped 2/23)?

Match 6: Richard Morton versus Big Josh


  • Morton was substituting for the Diamond Studd. More on this later.
  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • Upon hip-tossing Morton, Josh slammed him.
  • He then gave Morton the log roll, but Morton came back with a knee lift.
  • As Morton ripped Josh’s flannel shirt, Josh gave him a cross corner whip and nailed him.
  • He then gave Morton a second cross corner whip but came up empty on his follow-through.
  • When Morton delivered a belly-to-back suplex, he followed with an inverted atomic drop.
  • Shortly after, Morton hit a knee drop for 2.
  • Josh then slammed Morton, hit an elbow drop, and got 2.
  • As he gave Morton a belly-to-belly suplex, Josh hooked a double underhook suplex for another 2.
  • Morton then mounted the second turnbuckle, leaped, but got caught.
  • When Josh delivered an inverted atomic drop, he signaled for and hit Northern Exposure.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Big Josh won.

Rating: *

Summary:  This was Bourne’s final WCW supershow appearance. I wonder when and where he’ll next appear.

We then revisit World Championship Wrestling when Z-Man cut a promo on JT Southern and Scotty Flamingo. When he mentioned “putting a title on the line,” Pillman questioned him about it and wanted a piece of Z-Man.

Match 7 for the WCW Light Heavyweight title: “Flyin’” Brian Pillman (champion) versus Z-Man


  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • While the WWF couldn’t pit two former tag partners against one another at WrestleMania VIII, WCW could at WrestleWar ’92.
  • After a knee drop, Pillman got a 1-count.
  • Shortly after, he gave Z-Man a flying headscissors.
  • Z-Man then hooked a backslide for 2.
  • As he secured an inside cradle, Z-Man got another 2.
  • He then caught Pillman with a sunset flip but couldn’t get 3.
  • When Pillman attempted a somersault senton, Z-Man evaded him.
  • He then gave PIllman a vertical suplex for 2.
  • After Z-Man delivered a backbreaker, he attempted a Vader bomb but ate knees.
  • Pillman then hooked a single-leg crab, but Z-Man came back with an enziguri for another 2.
  • As he gave Pillman a cross corner whip, Z-Man came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Pillman then hooked the figure-four leg lock until Z-Man reversed it.
  • When PIllman gave him a cross corner whip, Z-man floated him to the apron.
  • Pillman then attempted a springboard maneuver, but Z-Man caught and powerslammed him.
  • Do we have a new champion?
  • 1-2-NO!
  • Pillman then secured a crucifix for 2.
  • After he placed Z-Man atop the top turnbuckle, Pillman attempted a superplex, but Z-Man shoved him down to the mat.
  • Z-Man then mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a cross body block for 2.
  • As each wrestler successfully leap-frogged the other, a mid-ring collision occurred.
  • Z-Man then reversed an Irish whip and gave Pillman a flapjack for another 2.
  • When Z-Man collapsed upon trying to stand, Pillman mounted the top turnbuckle, leaped, but Z-Man caught him with a boot. Good job playing possum, Z-Man! Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t get 3.
  • He then mounted the top turnbuckle but missed a missile dropkick.
  • After Pillman hooked a somersault roll-up, he pinned Z-Man.
  • Pillman retained.

Rating: ****

Summary:  Fantastic match between two babyfaces. The near-falls created drama that pulled the Jacksonville faithful into the match. Also, each wrestler’s use of psychology told an excellent story.

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Match 8 for the #1 contender slot to the IWGP tag titles: WCW World tag team champions the Steiners versus Tatsumi Fujinami & Takayuki IIzuka


  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • On 3/27, the Steiners avenged their DQ loss at SuperBrawl II by beating Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton in Chicago, IL for the World tag team titles.
  • Scott botched a rolling fallaway slam to Fujinami but successfully hit one to IIzuka. This was the same move that punctured Sid’s lung at Clash IX.
  • After Scott gave Fujinami a Steinerline, Iizuka tagged in.
  • Iizuka then gave Scott a cross corner whip followed by a shoulder block.
  • As he slammed Scott, Iizuka mounted the second turnbuckle and hit an elbow drop.
  • He then mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a somersault senton for 2.
  • While the Jacksonville faithful chanted “U-S-A,” Iizuka hooked a Boston crab.
  • Scott then tried to power out, but Iizuka converted to a somersault roll-up for another 2.
  • When Scott bridged out, he delivered a double underhook powerbomb.
  • Rick tagged in, mounted the top turnbuckle, and gave Iizuka, who was prone atop Scott’s shoulder, an elbow smash for 2.
  • Inadvertently, Rick’s knee landed on Iizuka’s face. OUCH!
  • Fujinami tagged in, but Rick delivered a release German suplex.
  • After he gave Fujinami an elbow drop, Rick got 2.
  • Scott tagged in and delivered a back elbow to Fujinami.
  • As Scott hooked a single-leg crab, Ventura mentioned that Iizuka was BUSTED OPEN albeit hardway.
  • Tags were exchanged on both sides while the Japanese duo attempted a double team move with Rick on Fujinami’s shoulders.
  • When Iizuka attempted a cross body block, Rick caught and delivered a belly-to-belly suplex in mid-air for 2. Woohoo!
  • All four wrestlers were in the ring until Rick gave Iizuka a shoulder block followed by an elbow drop for another 2.
  • After Fujinami tagged in, he mounted the second turnbuckle and stretched out Rick’s right hamstring.
  • Tags were exchanged on both sides again while Scott gave Iizuka a tilt-a-whirl slam for 2.
  • As Scott delivered a T-bone suplex, Rick tagged in.
  • He then sandwiched Iizuka in the corner and tagged in Scott.
  • When Scott gave Iizuka a pumphandle slam, he hit an elbow drop for 2.
  • Fujinami tagged in, mounted the top turnbuckle, and lowered the boom on Scott.
  • After he nailed Rick in the corner, the two brawled.
  • Fujinami then hooked an abdominal stretch on Scott and took him down for 2.
  • While the “U-S-A” chant got louder, tags were exchanged on both sides yet again.
  • Iizuka then unleashed a series of kicks until Rick took him down for 2.
  • As he hooked a second belly-to-belly suplex, Rick got another 2.
  • Another exchange of tags occurred while Scott flipped out of a double wrist lock.
  • Rick then mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a double Steinerline.
  • When Scott placed Iizuka atop the top turnbuckle in the Japanese corner, he joined Iizuka.
  • Fujinami then suplexed Rick down to the mat before Iizuka hit a release German suplex for 2.
  • After Fujinami tagged in, he and Iizuka gave Scott a spike piledriver.
  • Fujinami then held Scott so that Iizuka could mount the top turnbuckle and deliver a missile dropkick.
  • As Fujinami hooked a sleeper, he converted to the dragon sleeper.
  • Scott escaped, but Fujinami reapplied the sleeper.
  • When he attempted to convert to the dragon sleeper again, Fujinami ate a kick from Scott.
  • Speaking of Scott, he hit another Steinerline, and a mid-ring collision followed.
  • After tags were exchanged once more, Rick gave Iizuka a Steinerline.
  • He then delivered a second elbow drop for 2.
  • As he gave Iizuka a third belly-to-belly suplex, he got another 2.
  • Again, all four wrestlers were in the ring.
  • Rick then placed Iizuka atop the top turnbuckle, joined him, and hit an overhead belly-to-belly superplex. Wow!
  • 1-2-3.
  • The Steiners won.

Rating: ****

Summary:  Superb match that showcased all four wrestlers well. Iizuka truly impressed me after getting potatoed earlier in the match. According to Meltzer, Iizuka only suffered some facial swelling afterward.

Match 9 (WarGames): WCW World champion Sting, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Nikita Koloff, WCW World TV champion Barry Windham, & the “Natural” Dustin Rhodes versus WCW US champion “Ravishing” Rick Rude, “Stunning” Steve Austin, the “Enforcer” Arn Anderson, “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, & Larry “The Cruncher” Zbyszko (w/ Madusa & Uncle Paul)


  • For those unaware, Sting suffered two cracked ribs and a bruised spleen against Vader in the Omni on 4/12. Will he be 100% for this match?
  • How did Windham become TV champion, you ask? In a two-out-of-three-falls match, Windham defeated Austin for the TV title (aired 5/9, taped 4/27).
  • Austin and Windham began the match in ring #2.
  • After Austin tried to ram him face-first into the cage, Windham blocked the attempt, slammed Austin, but missed an elbow drop.
  • Next, he tried to piledrive Austin but received a back drop instead.
  • Austin then gave Windham an elbow drop while Uncle Paul discussed strategy with the rest of the Dangerous Alliance.
  • When Austin and Windham moved to ring #1, Austin blocked a shot to the cage.
  • Windham then delivered a jumping DDT while the Jacksonville faithful chided Uncle Paul.
  • With Windham between the rings, Austin hit a flying clothesline sending both wrestlers into ring #2. Impressive!
  • He then mounted the second turnbuckle, but Windham caught and gave him a flapjack.
  • As Windham rammed Austin face-first into the cage twice, he grated Austin’s face against it.
  • Austin was BUSTED OPEN.
  • With thirty seconds remaining in the opening period, Windham bit Austin’s cut.
  • He then delivered a knee lift while the Dangerous Alliance won the coin toss.
  • After Rude entered the cage, he gave Windham a series of shoulder blocks in the corner.
  • Austin then mounted the second turnbuckle and hit a lariat on Windham.
  • When Rude and Austin made Windham HIT THE POLE, they rammed him into the cage on the opposite side.
  • Windham was BUSTED OPEN.
  • Steamboat entered the cage and rammed Austin into the cage.
  • As he rammed Rude into the cage, Steamboat followed with consecutive DDTs to Rude and Austin.
  • He then gave Rude the ten-top-turnbuckle count-along until Austin stopped him.
  • After he delivered a mule kick to Austin, Steamboat gave Rude a huracanrana.
  • Arn entered the cage and hit a DDT on Windham.
  • When he moved to ring #2, Arn delivered the SPINEBUSTER to Steamboat.
  • He and Rude then hooked a double Boston crab on Steamboat before Rude piledrove him.
  • As Rude and Arn vaulted Steamboat into ring #1, a double clothesline put both Rude and Steamboat down on the mat.
  • Rhodes entered the cage, but Arn gave him a cross corner whip.
  • Much to Arn’s chagrin, he ate knee on his follow-through.
  • After a bionic elbow and Flip, Flop, and Fly, Rhodes gave Austin an inverted atomic drop.
  • He then delivered consecutive lariats to Austin and Arn.
  • Meanwhile, Steamboat hooked a Boston crab on Rude while Rhodes gave Austin an electric chair.
  • Windham then positioned and agitated Arn’s head between the rings. Now THAT’S how a babyface gets revenge on his antagonist.
  • When Steamboat hooked a figure-four leg lock, Rude reversed the hold.
  • Steamboat reversed the hold back to his advantage while Zbyszko entered the cage.
  • In the meantime, Madusa climbed the cage and tossed the cellular phone to Arn.
  • Sting then chased her down while Arn demolished the babyfaces with the phone.
  • As Zbyszko slammed him, he rammed Rhodes face-first into the cage causing Rhodes to be BUSTED OPEN.
  • Arn then rammed Windham into the cage, and Rude hooked a sleeper on Steamboat.
  • After Zbyszko gave Rhodes a swinging neckbreaker, Sting entered the cage.
  • He then face-planted Arn and gave Rude a jawbreaker.
  • When Sting military-pressed Rude into the cage multiple times, he ultimately slammed him down to the mat.
  • He then rammed Arn face-first into the cage and backdropped Austin into it.
  • As Arn was BUSTED OPEN, Sting grated his face against the cage.
  • Austin then delivered a lariat to Windham while Steamboat agitated Rude’s head between the rings.
  • After Steamboat and Sting broke the wishbone on Rude, Zbyszko rammed Windham face-first into the cage.
  • Eaton then entered the cage and rammed Steamboat into it.
  • When Rhodes gave Zbyszko the big boot, Steamboat hit an enziguri on Arn.
  • Eaton then rammed Windham into the cage, and Steamboat clotheslined Rude.
  • As Zbyszko rammed Steamboat into the cage, Windham hooked a figure-four leg lock on Arn.
  • Both Zbyszko and Rude loosened the turnbuckles causing the top rope to bow.
  • After Koloff entered the cage, the match beyond began.
  • He then rammed Arn face-first into the cage and stared at Sting.
  • When he and a BUSTED OPEN Sting stood eye-to-eye, Koloff pushed him aside to save him from a double clothesline from Arn and Austin. Great allusion to SuperBrawl!
  • Sting and Koloff then ducked clotheslines and delivered their own to Arn and Austin.
  • As he and Koloff shared a hug to the delight of the Jacksonville faithful, Sting gave Arn a Stinger splash.
  • He then hooked a Scorpion death lock, but Eaton saved Arn’s bacon.
  • Concurrently, the top turnbuckle had been dismantled while Koloff and Rhodes gave Zbyszko a double back elbow.
  • Rhodes then hooked a rope-assisted figure-four leg lock on Zbyszko, and Arn mounted the second turnbuckle.
  • After Arn leaped but ate Sting’s boot off-camera, Koloff gave Austin the ten-top-turnbuckle count-along.
  • Rhodes then slammed Austin, mounted the top turnbuckle, but missed an elbow drop.
  • When Zbyszko took the turnbuckle from Eaton, he mistakenly hit Eaton in the shoulder with it instead of Sting. For those unaware, Eaton had suffered an injury at the TV tapings on 5/11.
  • Sting then viciously hooked an arm bar on Eaton who submitted.
  • Sting’s Squadron won.

Rating: *****

Summary:  The best WarGames match EVER. There was excitement from bell to bell with five of the ten wrestlers bleeding.

After the match, Uncle Paul enters the cage and berates Zbyszko for costing the Dangerous Alliance the match. I smell .

Conclusion:  With the WarGames, Steiners, and Pillman matches, this show is a no-brainer to recommend. With the midcard in a state of flux, I wonder how WCW will juggle its lineup for the next PPV.

Buyrate: 0.61

**BREAKING NEWS** Rather than working on a per-night basis for $300 with zero guaranteed dates, Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) quit WCW. Hmmm…I wonder where this bad guy, er, heel will end up next.

Stay tuned for WCW Beach Blast ‘92!

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